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Fish and Chips at Cromer

I’ll jump ahead a bit, missing out the rest of the Hunstanton visit and Cromer Pier and getting straight to the chips.

When a chip shop calls itself Number One, even if it is at No 1 New Street, it’s making a big statement. When this is backed up by fish and chips at £12.50 it’s doing the same, as you can generally get them for £9.50. So was it really 25% better than the average fish and chip shop?

Difficult to say.

I had hake and Julia had rock (which used to be called rock salmon in the days before trades description legislation).

I’m not sure if either of them were up to the mark. The rock was a bit soft compared to the shark I’ve had before, which has always been quite fibrous, and the hake was a bit too fishy. I believe that hake is generally more fish flavoured than other fish, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though again, it seemed a bit soft and didn’t flake well.

Hake and Chips in Cromer

Hake and Chips in Cromer

Portion size was good, batter was OK – not quite crisp enough for my taste. They were served seasoned with sea salt. When I’d read this on the menu I imagined a light sprinkle of salt, not the amount that ended up piled on the fish. Look at the photo for an idea of what happened. Too much salt!

The chips, on the other hand, were excellent. Big, crispy and plentiful.

Tartare sauce was tangy and had a great flavour. Ten out of ten for that.

The peas, on the other hand, were bland. We had the non-minted ones – I suppose the minted ones would have been a better choice. I don’t know how you can make bland peas, particulalrly when there was plenty of salt on the fish.

There’s no excuse for poor peas. They should have remembered the 6 P Rule.

Proper Preparation Prevents Peas Poor Performance.

We’re currently discussing this meal – Julia says she would go back again. I say I probably wouldn’t. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t think it was any better than some of the cheaper offerings from less glitzy shops.



The Big Day Off

It didn’t quite go to plan – we didn’t set off until 11am for one thing, though the plan had been to be on the road by nine.

The light wasn’t very good for photography so we didn’t get many photographs, and managed to miss three corkers. One was a yellowhammer on a stone gate post (it flew as we raised the camera), the second was an orange tip butterfly we spotted whilst driving down a narrow road (yes, it flew and settled a couple of times but I missed it, despite trying to track it for 10 minutes) and the third was a cormorant drying its wings on the edge of Scarborough Harbour. It would have been an easy shot, apart from the fact I’d left the camera in the car.

I did manage to get a few shots though, just to brighten up the slab of text.

On the other hand several things did go right. We stocked up on cake at Mrs Botham’s and had a couple of pork pies to fill the hole where lunch should have been. They were probably the second best pork pies I’ve ever had. The crust was well-flavoured and crispy and the meat had good taste and texture. With a little bit of jelly these could have reigned supreme. Beaten into second place by the thickness of an eighth of an inch of jelly!

Whitby was a bit of a bust, being pretty much one traffic jam from end to end. Fortunately we had called at Mrs B’s bakery, on the Scarborough side of town. If we’d tried for the tea room we would have been doomed.

After a detour  through some narrow country roads (missing the aforementioned pictures of yellowhammer and orange tip) we made it to Scarborough and the second part of the shopping trip. First, the Poundshop, which isn’t quite a pound shop any more. However, five pairs of reading glasses for £10 should do me for a while. Then the  cheap bookshop, which is better stocked than ever. I bought Julia a stick of Marmite flavoured rock there, because she likes Marmite. I’m one of the few people who seems to be able to take it or leave it. The rock was sweet with the occasional hint of Marmite, but the important thing is that all my teeth survived.

Finally we bought crabs on the seafront and started the hunt for fish and chips.

We resisted the lure of the Golden Grid because although it talks a good game we’ve always felt disappointed (and poor) at the end of the meal.

Winking Willy’s was very good last time we went (despite the name) but it was closed. The Fishpan seemed quite popular, so we chose that. The service was a bit chaotic but the staff were really pleasant and the food was excellent. When I ordered a large haddock they suggested we move onto a table for 4, as it was unlikely to fit onto the table for 2 where we were currently seated. They weren’t wrong. It’s the first time I’ve had a portion so large that it had to be measure in square yards rather than by weight.


Kittiwakes nesting on the cliff below Scarborough Castle

Fish was succulent, batter was crisp, chips were good, peas could have been better, as could the bread and butter, but they were still more than adequate.

In my younger days I once ate the Harry Ramsden’s Challenge and still have the certificate to prove it. I was able to eat a pudding and custard after that, too. Yesterday I had to leave the last four chips because I simply couldn’t fit them in. I did put them on Julia’s plate though, as I didn’t want people thinking I was a wimp.

















































































































































































































































































































































































































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