2015 Competition

We enjoyed the last competition and hoped you did too. We are now inviting schools, community groups and individuals to enter the 2015 competition.

The competition will be in three classes.

Large Scarecrows

Let us know that you are entering by Monday 25th May (so that we can plan the space), build a scarecrow, deliver them to the Ecocentre by Friday 5th June 2015 and fill out an entry form.

Entry Categories

Primary School – open to all primary schools. Prize: Certificate, free class visit to the farm and cookery session.

Community groups/ organisations – including youth clubs, uniformed youth groups and others. Prize: Certificate, free group visit to the farm and cookery session.

Special Needs: 
Reserved for entries from children/adults/groups with special needs.
Prize: Certificate, free group visit to the farm and cookery session.

Judging:  Sunday 7th June by public vote – voting closes 3.00 pm and is announced 3.30pm

Structure: Each standing scarecrow must have a vertical support of wood for the body (2” x 2” post or similar preferred.) This support is needed as the scarecrows will be wired to a fence post for display. The fence post will be provided as will the method of attachment. Seated scarecrows will need a chair or similar support as part of the entry.

Size: Scarecrows should be around 4 to 8 feet tall.

Delivery of Entries: Entrants should deliver their entries to the Ecocentre between Monday 1st June and Friday 5th June between the hours of 9.30am and 5.00pm. Othar times can be arranged by appointment.

Removal of Entries: Scarecrows can be removed from Friday 12th June onwards. Entries remaining after Saturday 20th will be used to scare birds!

Please make sure that your scarecrow has no sharp or dangerous edges or accessories

Publicity and Promotion: Quercus Community would like to use photographs of the scarecrows and to promote Quercus, the Ecocentre and Open Farm Sunday in the media and on our websites. By entering the competition you agree to allow us to do this. 

We would also like to feauture pictures of builders and tell some of the stories behind the building, please tell us if this will be a problem.

Spoon Scarecrow Competition

A competition for individuals. Entrants must be under the age of 16 on 7th June 2015 or attending a group for those with special needs.

This kit, available from the farm, contains all you need to make  a small spoon scarecrow. Kits are available now, or on the day of Open Farm Sunday. Entry costs £1.

You can make an entry using your own spoon if you are not able to come to the farm before 7th June.

You can use any materials you like, such as  paper, fabric, string, buttons, beads, ribbon, wool.

Bring the finished Spoons in for display at the Ecocentre between Monday 1st June and the morning of Sunday 7th June with the completed entry form.

There will be a seperate class for spoons made on the day. There will be prizes for people placed in the top three of each category.

Photo Competition

Those of you too far away to enter physically may do so by emailing us pictures of your Scarecrows. Make sure you send your contact details too, and tell us which of the categories from Large or Spoon that you are entering.

Prizes in this category will be something that can be sent by email, probably the adoption papers for one of the trees in our new woodland. They are only sticks at the moment but they still have the capability to grow into one of the Great Oaks of Sherwood (if you are patient!).

Email: simonnotts-scarecrow@yahoo.co.uk to arrive by 5pm BST on Friday 5th June.


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