I like sports, particularly football, Formula 1 and tennis. Unfortunately the team I support, Aston Villa, has been relegated to the Championship this year.

My main job at the farm is doing the compost. This is important because we use waste from the kitchen to help make the garden grow.

28th September 2016

Baking vanilla shortbread biscuits. We did a biscuit tasting and they were excellent, although people preferred the flavour of the orange and lemon flavoured ones, and Jody’s Welsh cakes.

Wednesday 15.06.2016

We had the keets out today (baby guinea fowl) for the group to learn handling skills with small animals.


Alasdair with one of the keets.

Monday 23.05.2016

I saw a Great spotted woodpecker on the feeder today. It is a female. You can tell this because the males have a red spot on the back of the neck. They like eating suet and peanuts when they visit bird tables – ours eats peanuts when it visits.