Welcome to the Scarecrow page.

On 7th June we will be hosting our second Scarecrow Competition during the farm’s Open Farm Sunday event.

A brief history of scarecrows can be found on the History page and fuller entry details are on the Competition page.

We will have three different competitions.

The first is for schools and youth groups such as Scouts and Guides or groups with learning or health difficulties.

The competition in this case is for a full size scarecrow, it is free to enter and the prize is a free visit to the farm for a day.

The second is the spoon scarecrow competition. Entry to this is £1 and we will provide a spoon for you to dress as a scarecrow. You can collect a kit from the farm before the event and make the scarecrow at home or make it on the day in the Education tent. Entrants should be 16 or under, or part of a group with learning difficulties. There will be prizes for this category, but we are in the process of finalising that.  However, it’s fair to say that the honour of winning will be greater than the value of the prize.

The third category is the distance competition – feel free to build an large or small scarecrow and send us a photograph. International entries are welcome. It’s free to enter and if you win we will send you a tree adoption certificate for our new woodland. Bearing in mind that an oak tree can live to be 750 years old this is a bigger prize than it first appears.


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