Fish and Chips at Cromer

I’ll jump ahead a bit, missing out the rest of the Hunstanton visit and Cromer Pier and getting straight to the chips.

When a chip shop calls itself Number One, even if it is at No 1 New Street, it’s making a big statement. When this is backed up by fish and chips at £12.50 it’s doing the same, as you can generally get them for £9.50. So was it really 25% better than the average fish and chip shop?

Difficult to say.

I had hake and Julia had rock (which used to be called rock salmon in the days before trades description legislation).

I’m not sure if either of them were up to the mark. The rock was a bit soft compared to the shark I’ve had before, which has always been quite fibrous, and the hake was a bit too fishy. I believe that hake is generally more fish flavoured than other fish, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though again, it seemed a bit soft and didn’t flake well.

Hake and Chips in Cromer

Hake and Chips in Cromer

Portion size was good, batter was OK – not quite crisp enough for my taste. They were served seasoned with sea salt. When I’d read this on the menu I imagined a light sprinkle of salt, not the amount that ended up piled on the fish. Look at the photo for an idea of what happened. Too much salt!

The chips, on the other hand, were excellent. Big, crispy and plentiful.

Tartare sauce was tangy and had a great flavour. Ten out of ten for that.

The peas, on the other hand, were bland. We had the non-minted ones – I suppose the minted ones would have been a better choice. I don’t know how you can make bland peas, particulalrly when there was plenty of salt on the fish.

There’s no excuse for poor peas. They should have remembered the 6 P Rule.

Proper Preparation Prevents Peas Poor Performance.

We’re currently discussing this meal – Julia says she would go back again. I say I probably wouldn’t. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t think it was any better than some of the cheaper offerings from less glitzy shops.



30 thoughts on “Fish and Chips at Cromer

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  3. Clare Pooley

    I am slowly catching up and have been reading all your posts with interest. I just had to add a small offering to this one. Since moving to East Anglia in 1988 I have come to realise that a good fish and chip meal is extremely hard to come by here. Why, I don’t know, when the fresh, raw ingredients are to hand. Too greasy, batter too thick/not crisp enough, soggy chips – I could go on at length. Southwold has a (usually) excellent F&C shop in East Street (The Little Fish and Chip Shop) if you are ever in the area again.
    I hope you won’t be too offended but I must confess to not liking mushy peas. Sorry.

  4. iantimothy1

    Liz and I are regular visitors to Cromer. We have eaten there many times. Sometimes first class and others so/so. There is another chip shop just around the corner, same variation. Try it next time you may be lucky!

      1. Jessica Triepel

        That’s how I feel whenever I’m back home in Florida. The beach is just an hour from where my family all lives, and there is some amazing sea food at the coast. Usually with a tropical twist, like coconut battered shrimp or fish, mango dips and such. I’ve never found such variations anywhere else. And don’t even get me started on the drinks! Mmmm!

      2. Jessica Triepel

        Oh yes! If you like seafood, it’s so amazing that it is truly worth a vacation just for the food, but you get to enjoy your meal on the beach front as a bonus! If you’re ever that way, don’t bother with red lobster. They’re OK, but if you’re at the beach, find another restaurant.

      1. Jessica Triepel

        Haha! Well, all your posts about fish and chips make me hungry! Too bad Germany doesn’t have any decent fish and chips shops where I’m at. Even if I can find one, I doubt it would be the same as what you get in England.

  5. Andrew Petcher

    I wish restaurants wouldn’t put the fish on top of the chips like that, it makes it difficult to get the right amount of salt and vinegar to the chips. I like a lot of vinegar so when it is served like that the chips get soggy. On my recent holiday to Suffolk I had some really excellent chips in Lowestoft.

      1. Andrew Petcher

        My dad who was vey cost conscious was always appalled how much vinegar I would put on chips. He would wait for me to finish shaking and then take my plate and pour the extravagant excess onto his own fish and chips. My dad was a very frugal man!

      1. Laurie Graves

        Oh, too funny! ‘Tis normal here. Another revelation, and I hope it doesn’t hit you too hard. I had never heard of mushy peas until I read your and Derrick’s blog. Had to look them up. 😉

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