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Quiet Sunday

I’ve had a lazy day. Lie in. Bit of writing, bit of TV, made a light lunch (avocado based salad), watched cricket on TV and am now back to writing. I have sent off one set of submissions and will be sending another set off this evening. That will mean I have six submissions out, and I’m trying to make it nine by the end of the month (unless someone replies). It’s been a busy month.

I’ve just read a few other blogs and thought of making tea, so I’m going to go away and cook. I will then finish this off, do my online shopping order and fritter the rest of my time away.

Later . . .

OK, so I watched Professor T and he programme on Ronnie Corbett before returning. And browsed the internet a little. Time flies.

It has been a hot day, one of the first all year. Fortunately, we have a couple of fans. The one in the living room doesn’t swivel but every so often we give it a push and so it moves round to direct its air at us alternately.

The day has been noisy, with people doing household jobs, including a lot of power washing, plus slamming car doors and playing car stereos too loud. It’s summer and people are beginning to move round.

Tomorrow is freedom day (freedom from acting sensibly, I fear) and as we already have a high infection rate I’m not holding out much hope for the future. I’ll be wearing a mask fro the foreseeable future and will be avoiding crowds. Having said that, apart from the mask, lockdown wasn’t a lot different from my normal social life, so it’s not much of a change either way.



Am Awkward Day

It’s Monday, so it should be the start of a new week, but somehow it doesn’t seem much of anything – being in that awkward gap between Christmas and New Year. When I was working with poultry it was never a problem as they needed attention every day. The same when I was in the antiques trade – I always had plenty to do in the days between Christmas and New Year because people had Christmas money to spend and time off to attend fairs. Even when the kids were at home, we had plenty to do.

This year, locked down and instructed not to travel, it’s trickier, so I decided that today I would lounge around the house in dressing gown and slipper socks and loaf my life away. It’s after 11pmnow and the plan seems to have worked reasonably well.

As usual, after watching a bunch of high achievers on Christmas University Challenge, I’m left wondering how they managed to rise so high in their professions when they are unable to answer comparatively simple general knowledge questions. Same goes for Celebrity Mastermind, Even the contestants on ordinary Mastermind didn’t exactly shine like beacons of brilliance. The contestants on Only Connect, of course, continue to mystify me.

In other words, I’ve watched far too many quizzes today. However, while I’m watching quizzes I’m not eating, so that is good. We still have chocolate and biscuits in the house, as we are cutting back. I suspect we may not finish them until well into 2021. That’s partly lifestyle choice and partly over-exposure to Weight Watchers adverts.

I just found that I can select a month when looking back at old photos. Seven years on WP and still haven’t learnt how to do it!

Seal pup – Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

This is a seal photo from the days we were allowed to travel.


Study Number 1 - The Idiot

A Lazy Sunday and Some Useless Painkillers

Last night I took painkillers (which are not accurately named) and had an early night. Then I had a lie in, told Julia I was going to have to have a day lazing round in front of the fire doing nothing and limped downstairs for breakfast.

She said she doubted that it would be any different from one of my normal days and carried on preparing for Christmas.

She later asked me a lot of questions and diagnosed my problem as sciatica. It seems to fit with the variety of symptoms I get and has improved today after making a few changes. I might even try the recommended exercises, but on the other hand, might not. It would be embarrassing to end up on my back with my arms and legs moving aimlessly like a tortoise on its back.

Losing weight should help, as should giving up smoking. Unfortunately I gave up smoking 20 years ago, so it looks like a diet or going to the doctor. As I usually end a visit to the doctor with more problems than I had when I went in, and orders to lose weight, I try to avoid that.

I must have had the new computer a month, as I keep getting pop-ups about signing up for virus protection. The pop-ups are a lot more annoying than the viruses, particularly as Microsoft seems able to keep my computers clean these days.

And, a final thought for the day – I see that the train stations of London are full of people wanting to get home for Christmas despite being told not to by Boris Johnson. We should take a leaf out of the mediaeval treatment of besieged cities and give it a new twist. Instead of catapulting infected carcases into cities we should stop the trains at a pre-set spot, take all the Londoners off, and start catapulting them back into London. After the first few are sent flying through the air, I expect the rest will volunteer to return

A Warm Day

It’s been a bit warm today, which is never a good thing in the UK, as we tend to go red and get tetchy. This is despite our hot weather not really being hot,e get to 30° C, or near enough 90° F, and start to complain. Tomorrow it will be back to normal at 21° C, or 70°, so summer is over.

I packed more parcels, loaded more things on eBay (taking time to make sure I didn’t accidentally wipe it all this time), and generally did as little as possible.

After picking Julia up from work we bought cold drinks from McDonald’s  (slipping back into the clutches of the corporate Antichrist) and returned home to find a grasshopper standing on the footpath,

That, plus a bit of writing and a nap in front of the TV, has been my day. I am tired now and am finishing here.

I will post more photos tomorrow. Today’s photos are abstracts using the coloured walls of the school shed.


School shed