Cancelled Sports and Rotting Fish

I can’t honestly say that the day has passed in a flurry of activity. It has, as you probably suspect if you have read any of my previous posts, been leisurely and included quite a lot of reading and TV. I even managed to fit in two naps.

As a result of the reading, I am now have a much better knowledge of how to lose weight and become healthier. For several minutes at a time I found myself actually becoming enthusiastic about becoming thin. Of course, when reality kicked in, I felt considerably less keen. The thought of small portions and endless salad will do that.

In Suffolk I tried my new camera out (having avoided using it for several years) and found it was reasonably good, apart from one thing – at certain zoom settings it won’t focus. I’m not sure why and will have to check it up on-line. In practical terms it meant I could photograph a lighthouse as part of the landscape, and I could zoom in to look at the brickwork. In the middle distance, trying to get a good shot of the lighthouse without a lot of surrounding scenery, it won’t focus. The macro is wonderful, but that doesn’t really make up for the inability to take more normal shots.

Today’s Royal Family observations relate to the cancellation of sporting events. Some have been cancelled, some haven’t. There seems to be no real policy – cricket and golf cancelled events on Friday but restarted for Saturday. Horse Racing cancelled on Friday and Saturday but will go ahead on Sunday. I didn’t know that they had horse racing on Sundays, but I suppose in these irreligious days gambling and animal cruelty can take place on any day you want.

I’m just watching an interesting programme on a lost Roman city and the recipe for garum. TV, when your wife allows you to watch the good programmes, can be very educational. Garum was a major source of protein for the Romans. Given the choice of fermented fish intestines or salad it would be a difficult choice for me.

The photo is a mourning brooch of Queen Victoria made using a farthing and a black enamel surround.


12 thoughts on “Cancelled Sports and Rotting Fish

  1. tootlepedal

    The problems of what a camera will or will not focus on are endless in my experience. Good luck with yours.

    Neither fermented fish intestines or salads figure high on my list of favourite foods. Did the Romans like corned beef hash?

  2. The Belmont Rooster

    I have been watching Game of Thrones on HBO Max. Normally, I watch TV when i am eating dinner and turn to off when I am finished to work on my blog. However, when I find something that to watch that keeps you watching episode after episode… I think the the things royalty (high-bred) people did back then to keep their place keeps me watching. GEEZ! I like fish, and salad, but I don’t believe a fermented fish would be on my list. My camera has issues with good close-ups, so I use a magnifying glass (sometimes two) in front of the lens. It takes practice… I hope you are well.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Today I tried some rainy day shots through the window – the Canon focuses on the water droplets and leaves the main subject blurred. The Olympus made things much easier. I tried to lock the focus, but the shots I wanted didn’t have much to lock on.

  3. paolsoren

    If you want to focus on the lighthouse but there is a lot of other ‘stuff’ in the viewfinder the camera won’t know what to do. So, if there is something else that is not cluttered but is the same distance away in another direction then focus on the and hold the shutter on the first pressure, turn around and point to the lighthouse and press the shutter further you should get a good shot.


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