A Warm Day

It’s been a bit warm today, which is never a good thing in the UK, as we tend to go red and get tetchy. This is despite our hot weather not really being hot,e get to 30° C, or near enough 90° F, and start to complain. Tomorrow it will be back to normal at 21° C, or 70°, so summer is over.

I packed more parcels, loaded more things on eBay (taking time to make sure I didn’t accidentally wipe it all this time), and generally did as little as possible.

After picking Julia up from work we bought cold drinks from McDonald’s  (slipping back into the clutches of the corporate Antichrist) and returned home to find a grasshopper standing on the footpath,

That, plus a bit of writing and a nap in front of the TV, has been my day. I am tired now and am finishing here.

I will post more photos tomorrow. Today’s photos are abstracts using the coloured walls of the school shed.


School shed


13 thoughts on “A Warm Day

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    I start work outside about 8 in the morning and by 10, I’m a drippy mess. It’s been very hot and humid here…no rain to speak of for many weeks-we’re desperate and the ground is very hard and dry. I prefer the cooler weather, and not too hot in the summer, and yes, I melt. It’s a weird year.

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