Am Awkward Day

It’s Monday, so it should be the start of a new week, but somehow it doesn’t seem much of anything – being in that awkward gap between Christmas and New Year. When I was working with poultry it was never a problem as they needed attention every day. The same when I was in the antiques trade – I always had plenty to do in the days between Christmas and New Year because people had Christmas money to spend and time off to attend fairs. Even when the kids were at home, we had plenty to do.

This year, locked down and instructed not to travel, it’s trickier, so I decided that today I would lounge around the house in dressing gown and slipper socks and loaf my life away. It’s after 11pmnow and the plan seems to have worked reasonably well.

As usual, after watching a bunch of high achievers on Christmas University Challenge, I’m left wondering how they managed to rise so high in their professions when they are unable to answer comparatively simple general knowledge questions. Same goes for Celebrity Mastermind, Even the contestants on ordinary Mastermind didn’t exactly shine like beacons of brilliance. The contestants on Only Connect, of course, continue to mystify me.

In other words, I’ve watched far too many quizzes today. However, while I’m watching quizzes I’m not eating, so that is good. We still have chocolate and biscuits in the house, as we are cutting back. I suspect we may not finish them until well into 2021. That’s partly lifestyle choice and partly over-exposure to Weight Watchers adverts.

I just found that I can select a month when looking back at old photos. Seven years on WP and still haven’t learnt how to do it!

Seal pup – Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

This is a seal photo from the days we were allowed to travel.


19 thoughts on “Am Awkward Day

      1. tootlepedal

        At the present time, I am generally loafing away every morning, sometimes having to race to get my daytime clothes in before coffee. Watching Mrs T working is a favourite occupation.

      1. LA

        Totally thought Alastair Simm in ACC, but really didn’t want to compare you to greatest curmudgeon of all time…

  1. Lavinia Ross

    The sun is making slow progress north, and things should look a bit better soon, Quercus. The seal and robin are nice photos!

    I’ve been out brush cutting today that I put off for a few years. Couldn’t ignore it anymore. Perfect weather here today, clear and cold. The moon is up. Too bad we didn’t have this weather last week during the conjunction.


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