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Warning – a Disappointing Post

Seven minutes to midnight and I have written two posts that just won’t do. I’m becoming tedious.

I wrote about coins, but I wrote about them recently and I know that not everyone finds them as interesting as I do. I tried some current affairs, offering advice to Harry and Meghan, but even mentioning them in passing gives them too much credibility.

I’m now writing about writing a post under extreme time pressure, which isn’t a new subject, though it is a new record for time pressure – seven minutes is not much time. It normally takes me that long to add the tags and photos. Tonight’s photo is likely to be the first thing I come to, and the tags will be rudimentary.

Actually, with two minutes to go and only 131 words written, it isn’t going to happen but I will hack on and post just after midnight. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

I filled in the annual questionnaire that I do for the University, though I’m not sure what they actually gain from the information I supply. My hands hurt, my knees hurt and several other joints ache at times. They are more painful this year than they were last year. That’s about it. I could write much more about it, but they don’t want it.

Nottingham Trent University, our second university, has been doing a project with poetry during lockdown. I discovered the site last night when I was looking for villanelles. It’s OK as poetry sites go, but they asked if I’d fill in a questionnaire, so I did. As I was going through it I realised that I had nothing sensible or useful to say. So, several minutes in, I closed it down. I tend to do that these days. If I were wiser I would simply not start answering, but there’s always that flicker of vanity that persuades you that you have something valuable to say. Usually I don’t.

A bit like tonight…

Fifteen minutes by the time I’ve added the title. Not bad. Though not good enough.



Moaning – a Skill for Modern Men

This afternoon I had a call from the hospital. It was slightly confused as I thought he said he was from Haematology and I thought it was about the blood test last week. It seems he said Rheumatology and he was ringing to tell me that my GP would be in touch. Why? Because my naughty GP hadn’t filled the form in correctly and they had refused me a consultation until the form was filled in properly.

I should have asked why they had staff to ring and tell me that but no staff to ring and get the information directly.

What I actually said was – “All you need to know is that my hand is virtually useless and I’d like it fixing.”

He said: “Oh.”

I think he was expecting me to simper with gratitude.

I let them off lightly last time they screwed me over. It isn’t going to happen a second time. I’m making notes and I’m going to use them this time.

Most of the rest of my day was devoted to struggling with School Attendance Medals. There are basically two types of these – interesting ones and ones given out in London. There’s a whole website devoted to London medals here. Read it and tell me you retain the will to live.

I was given the London ones to do.

Don’t get me wrong – they are an interesting piece of social history, but as a subject for multiple listing on eBay. I have entered the date, metal, clasp detail, name, grade of medal and catalogue numbers for approximately 40 medals, with prices, conditions and at least three photographs for each one. I have struggled, made mistakes and accidentally lost the data on a whole batch. I say “lost”, but I actually managed to delete it by carelessness. Twice.

That’s enough for now. I really don’t want to dwell on it.

The standard catalogue on School Attendance Medals is School Attendance Medals of England, Scotland and Wales by Cedric Dry (Whitmore 1992). 

I will leave you with that thought.



That’s right, MORE London School Attendance Medals

Mammoths, Money and McDonalds

The day started with me dismantling  a stamp collection,  moved on to parcels, took in a brief rant at the stupidity of customers and degenerated into putting coins on eBay. Later we made some improvements to the storage system and I carried on with loading medals to eBay.

It’s close to 10.30 in the evening now and I’m watching a TV programme about recovering bits of mammoth from the tundra.

If anyone had told me, at the age of 16, that it was possible to become a world authority on mammoth tusks I may well have worked harder at school.

They are currently discussing how to get the best DNA from a mammoth – the best source being mammoth hair. (It seems they share their hair colour with us and could be blonde or ginger as well as brown).

I’m really regretting my career choices, particularly as they are now talking about cloning them. I reckon the best way would be to involve MacDonald’s. If they taste good you’d soon find them being raised by the thousand.

That’s all. The netbook is frustratingly slow and the TV is getting interesting…