Warning – a Disappointing Post

Seven minutes to midnight and I have written two posts that just won’t do. I’m becoming tedious.

I wrote about coins, but I wrote about them recently and I know that not everyone finds them as interesting as I do. I tried some current affairs, offering advice to Harry and Meghan, but even mentioning them in passing gives them too much credibility.

I’m now writing about writing a post under extreme time pressure, which isn’t a new subject, though it is a new record for time pressure – seven minutes is not much time. It normally takes me that long to add the tags and photos. Tonight’s photo is likely to be the first thing I come to, and the tags will be rudimentary.

Actually, with two minutes to go and only 131 words written, it isn’t going to happen but I will hack on and post just after midnight. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

I filled in the annual questionnaire that I do for the University, though I’m not sure what they actually gain from the information I supply. My hands hurt, my knees hurt and several other joints ache at times. They are more painful this year than they were last year. That’s about it. I could write much more about it, but they don’t want it.

Nottingham Trent University, our second university, has been doing a project with poetry during lockdown. I discovered the site last night when I was looking for villanelles. It’s OK as poetry sites go, but they asked if I’d fill in a questionnaire, so I did. As I was going through it I realised that I had nothing sensible or useful to say. So, several minutes in, I closed it down. I tend to do that these days. If I were wiser I would simply not start answering, but there’s always that flicker of vanity that persuades you that you have something valuable to say. Usually I don’t.

A bit like tonight…

Fifteen minutes by the time I’ve added the title. Not bad. Though not good enough.



9 thoughts on “Warning – a Disappointing Post

  1. tootlepedal

    Websites are annoyingly keen to get you to commit yourself to something. I have had to close down a lot of potentially interesting sites which I wanted to read because they wanted to pester me. They would do better to let readers get to the bottom of the page before trying to involve them….at least in my case.


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