Mammoths, Money and McDonalds

The day started with me dismantling  a stamp collection,  moved on to parcels, took in a brief rant at the stupidity of customers and degenerated into putting coins on eBay. Later we made some improvements to the storage system and I carried on with loading medals to eBay.

It’s close to 10.30 in the evening now and I’m watching a TV programme about recovering bits of mammoth from the tundra.

If anyone had told me, at the age of 16, that it was possible to become a world authority on mammoth tusks I may well have worked harder at school.

They are currently discussing how to get the best DNA from a mammoth – the best source being mammoth hair. (It seems they share their hair colour with us and could be blonde or ginger as well as brown).

I’m really regretting my career choices, particularly as they are now talking about cloning them. I reckon the best way would be to involve MacDonald’s. If they taste good you’d soon find them being raised by the thousand.

That’s all. The netbook is frustratingly slow and the TV is getting interesting…

12 thoughts on “Mammoths, Money and McDonalds

  1. jodierichelle

    I picture you in a recliner, feet out, poorly functioning laptop in your lap on a pillow. You are in the dark with only the TV and laptop as illumination. Perhaps with a scone on the side table. You should correct any misconceptions.

    1. quercuscommunity

      No recliner, just a slightly sagging armchair, feet stretched out, light on as I need plenty of illumination these days. Pile of books on one side, cup of tea on the other. Apple pie tonight. Danish pastry last night. Haven’t had a scone since Sunday. In general, not a bad description though. You have all the basics covered. 🙂

  2. tootlepedal

    I take your point but there can probably not be more than a handful of mammoth experts so imagine the disappointment of working all your youth to become one of them and finding that you had to settled for something less in the end. An authority on potholes or bicycle tyres for instance.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I note that the internet contains several thousand links to the science of brassieres. At 21, I would have been happy to pursue this as an alternative. Or food scientist in a pie factory. Potholes would, I admit, be low down the list.


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