An Unusual £1

We had a busy day today.

At one time I actually had a queue of people waiting to sell me stuff. It wasn’t very exciting stuff, but it is all grist to the mill.

We also sold our error £1. It appears to be struck using the new dies for stamping the bimetallic 12 sided coin, but it has been struck on the blank of the old gold coloured round pound.

Here they are, side by side.


It had been the source of some discontent on the part of my co-worker, who didn’t want to buy it when it was offered to us while the boss was on holiday. I stepped in and bought it.

He wasn’t happy but sometimes you just have to make a decision. It isn’t always the right one, but after all the years I spent buying and selling I should be able to make the right decision most of the time.

Fortunately, it seems to have paid off.

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