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Catching Up (Part 1)

When WP glitched and locked me out I had quite a lot of things building up for use in the blog. A good day out often gives me material for two or three posts and I was looking forward to an easy couple of days with no need to worry about subjects.

I’m back on it now, and ready to write a post on the subject of our visit to Springfields, one of our local shopping outlets. It’s not the most exciting destination, but it has a number of craft shops and a bookshop, of sorts. It used to be a show garden for the tulip industry and the base for the annual tulip festival. It was very boring for an 11-year-old.

These days the gardens are much depleted, the garden centre is nothing more than a massive gift shop and it is, to be honest, very boring for a 61-year-old.

Even Julia struggles to find something of interest these days. They have just announced an expansion plan but as the interesting shops keep closing I’m not sure that more boring shops is the way to go…

The future of retail, in the face of internet competition, is uncertain, but plenty of people seem keen to pump money into redeveloping large centres. I’m glad I’m not involved in spending millions on retail projects. I don’t always sleep well now, but I suspect I’d sleep less well if I’d just decided to spend a million pounds on new shops.

I bought a couple of detective novels, but couldn’t even find three decent ones to qualify for the “3 for £5” offer. That’s twice I’ve been failed by The Works in the last month.

It was quiet, as you can see from the photos, and the previous photos of our coffee shop visit. However, there was a cheery picture to be had, as I was able to watch some workmen taking down the Christmas lights. Things always seem a little better once we are able to clear Christmas away and get on with the rest of the year.


Taking down the lights – Springfields, Spalding

The final photo is a new hessian bag I bought from the bookshop. I didn’t really need it, as we had a reusable bag with us, but I thought it would make a good photograph for the visit report.


The New Hessian Bag

Scone Chronicles XII

When I was looking for the cactus photographs I used in the first post of the day (this is the 3rd!) I found some photographs I’d forgotten about.

We went to Springfields while we were off for the week. While we were there we bought turmeric capsules, criticised the bookshop stock and looked in the craft shop (well, one of us did, the other sat and watched the ducks in the water feature).

While Julia was looking at other stuff, I sat in the cafe and waited. Patiently. It’s a skill I have developed over 30 years of marriage. It’s a lot like sleeping with your eyes open. Or sleeping with your eyes open and nodding your head in time with the conversation. All useful skills for a married man.

Anyway, when Julia returned she get us scones and tea from the counter.

They were surprisingly good. We tested the fruit scone and the cheese scone – both had good open texture and good flavour. They were well up with the top scones, though the shape of the fruit scone was ather alarming. That is, partly, what happens when you twist the cutter when you cut the scone out.

This is part of the same group that made me the worst fish and chips ever, so I was surprised.

Unfortunately, there was food trapped under the glass top of the table, so there is still oom for improvement.


Trapped food – lovely!

Now I remember I was going to do the write-up about Brierlow Bar

Loose Ends

The header picture shows the bag of oats Julia bought from Heckington. They are produced at the Maud Foster Mill in Boston (yes, American readers, we have one too). She is determined that I am going to benefit from slow-release carbs and extra roughage in the coming year.

You’d have thought they would have stocked oats from their own mill, but it seems not.

I’m thinking of doing a series of posts on mills as there are plenty in Lincolnshire, and the surrounding counties, with many of them having tearooms attached. I’m trying to work a joke into posts/mills, or post mills but it’s not quite working yet. I’ll work on it as I think the world of mill blogs needs a joke or two.

Today’s work consisted mainly of washing windows and serving customers. This is a picture of the new shop, illuminated by sunlight streaming in through the newly cleaned windows. Once the building work is finished they are going to allow me to clean all the glass in counters and cabinets. As you can see, there will be a lot of work.


The new Collectors’ World in Nottingham


After work, we had roasted vegetables with belly pork and kale. It marks the start of my new healthy eating campaign. Well, healthyish. It’s a start.


Belly pork with roasted vegetables and kale

Heckington, Hovis and Hearts

We were driving back from Springfields earlier in the week when, looking around for something to photograph, I spotted Heckington windmill. It’s an impressive sight, but as we drove towards it the sky turned murky and, as it was near closing time, we ecided to leave it for another day.

It’s one of those old-fashioned villages, which still has a few traditional shops, and even a Hovis sign.

Julia went into the green grocer while I took a few photos – she bought oats (which I still have to photograph) and meringues, which were very good when eaten with fruit and cream.

We will have another visit later in the year.

Finally, here is the phone box on the village green. It now houses a defibrillator, which is good for people having heart attacks and provides the third element of the title.


Phone box with defibrillator – Heckington, Lincolnshire

Next to procrastination, alliteration is probably my favourite thing. In a writing sense, that is. Neither, I feel, will ever replace Julia or jam doughnuts in my all time top two.

The Year so Far

It hasn’t been a bad start to the year. It could certainly have been better in terms of energy and computer use, as I have already noted, but it could also have been worse. It might, for instance, have featured snow and freezing temperatures. Instead, it’s been almost shirt sleeve weather at around 9 degrees Centigrade. I say “almost”, as there’s been quite a brisk wind today, which necessitated a jacket.

Yesterday I had my first day in my new job, though “day” is pushing it. I actually did three hours cataloguing a collection of 50 pence pieces and sorting stamps. It’s not exactly the glamour end of the antiques trade. It’s a sort of gentle induction as I’m not really required until next month.

Today I had my first day off. I have Wednesdays off as it matches up with Julia. I’m going to be having Sundays and Wednesdays off. She has Mondays and Wednesdays off. Apart from next month – I’m having to work Wednesdays too. It can be quite complicated synchronising three part-time jobs.

We took a trip to Lincolnshire today. It wasn’t very exciting, just a trip to Springfields, but with the days being short and us not being in a hurry to start, it was far enough. The choice of shops seems to be going downhill, and the attitude of some of the staff isn’t helping things.

The Power Station in the picture is gas-fired and seems to be owned by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and China Huaneng Group. Call me old-fashioned, but I liked it in the old days when we generated our own power.

I selected quite a few books in The Works, but I put half of them back. Experience suggests that if I buy more than two or three books I won’t read them before I buy more. I was quite proud of myself at the time, but I’m now thinking that I would have enjoyed reading them. Such is life.

I’ve actually set myself a target of giving at least 365 books away this year, so there’s no point buying another couple of hundred, even if they are only £1.50 each.

Talking of computer problems – the new settings (or lack of settings) is also interfering with photo downloads.