Catching Up (Part 1)

When WP glitched and locked me out I had quite a lot of things building up for use in the blog. A good day out often gives me material for two or three posts and I was looking forward to an easy couple of days with no need to worry about subjects.

I’m back on it now, and ready to write a post on the subject of our visit to Springfields, one of our local shopping outlets. It’s not the most exciting destination, but it has a number of craft shops and a bookshop, of sorts. It used to be a show garden for the tulip industry and the base for the annual tulip festival. It was very boring for an 11-year-old.

These days the gardens are much depleted, the garden centre is nothing more than a massive gift shop and it is, to be honest, very boring for a 61-year-old.

Even Julia struggles to find something of interest these days. They have just announced an expansion plan but as the interesting shops keep closing I’m not sure that more boring shops is the way to go…

The future of retail, in the face of internet competition, is uncertain, but plenty of people seem keen to pump money into redeveloping large centres. I’m glad I’m not involved in spending millions on retail projects. I don’t always sleep well now, but I suspect I’d sleep less well if I’d just decided to spend a million pounds on new shops.

I bought a couple of detective novels, but couldn’t even find three decent ones to qualify for the “3 for £5” offer. That’s twice I’ve been failed by The Works in the last month.

It was quiet, as you can see from the photos, and the previous photos of our coffee shop visit. However, there was a cheery picture to be had, as I was able to watch some workmen taking down the Christmas lights. Things always seem a little better once we are able to clear Christmas away and get on with the rest of the year.


Taking down the lights – Springfields, Spalding

The final photo is a new hessian bag I bought from the bookshop. I didn’t really need it, as we had a reusable bag with us, but I thought it would make a good photograph for the visit report.


The New Hessian Bag

20 thoughts on “Catching Up (Part 1)

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  2. Helen

    Nice caption on the hessian bag. From what you’ve just said, Springfield’s doesn’t seem worth the bother.

    It is a shame, though, that the internet is taking away from bricks and mortar shops. I am trying to resist it as far as possible – not least because how can you know if something is suitable if you can’t see it properly before you buy!

  3. derrickjknight

    Those 3-fers are such a pain – whatever the commodity. We feel we’ve missed out if we don’t take it up, so choose something we don’t want. As for buying a bag solely for the blog – perfectly acceptable.

      1. Helen

        I can imagine – but I prefer the human contact. Still, where I normally acquire food/clothes, there won’t be a move to the internet any time soon 😊

  4. arlingwoman

    I’ve had the issue with the 3 for x books as well and often just wind up with two. Obviously when they’re doing that “three for” sale they’re trying to get rid of stuff that was overstocked or didn’t sell. It isn’t always what i’m looking for. I have a selection of shopping bags I like and I like yours, too.

  5. tootlepedal

    I liked a story in the paper about an anxious customer asking if a ‘bag for life’ really was guaranteed. The check out operator looked at the customer for a moment and then said, “It will see you out.”


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