Chips at Sutton on Sea

Day 138

We went to the seaside today. It was the first time we’ve been out since we went to Leeds for Christmas Dinner last year. We had chips and cake and saw a Wheatear. This may take a couple of posts.

You wouldn’t thank me for a description of our preparations, which involved breakfast at McDonalds, blowing up the tyres and buying expensive fuel. (Strange how Breakfast at McDonalds didn’t make it big in either film or music, whereas Breakfast at Tiffany’s did.)

Nor, I feel would you benefit from a description of the journey through Lincolnshire, which is a little like a voyage through the mid-twentieth century whilst staring at the back of a tractor. We also got stuck behind a caravan and a motorhome. This is the advantage of travelling in spring – we only had one caravan, one motorhome and two tractors  – as the holidays and harvest really get going there will be many more hold ups.

Dolphin – Sutton on Sea

We finally arrived at Sutton on Sea and The Dolphin, expecting to sit down to a fish and chip special and use the toilets with the great tiles. (This is quite important at my age.) Unfortunately the various lockdowns have not been kind to The Dolphin, and it is now just a takeaway. It was the same last time we went, but it now seems permanent. I’m not saying this is the worst thing about lockdown, but it is certainly a major change for the worse. I’ve been going there for 34 years, and am sorry to see it go.

We ate in the community garden just round the corner, chatted to a couple with electric bikes, and watched a starling pounce on a butterfly. I’ve never seen that happen before. Even with high magnification I couldn’t identify the species of moth.

Starling Sutton on Sea

Fish and Chips from the Dolphin

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