It’s actually day 154 because I’m late again. And I’m going to talk about  Day 138. That seems to have been 16 days ago now, how time flies.

We went to Gibraltar Point, as I said, and had tea and cake in the visitors’ centre. It is quite new and has extensive views of saltmarsh. OK, that’s not really selling it, is it? Saltmarsh is dull stuff in quantity. You can’t see the sea and even the masts of boats moored in the creek don’t add much interest. The whale bones are slightly interesting, but we’d seen them before. The framework is new but the bits of dead animal are much the same as they were last time I saw them, just arranged as a sculpture instead of being laid out on the grass.

Cup of Tea







Anyway, we had tea and cake. The tea was good and the cake was better. Julia had elderflower and something cake, I can’t actually remember what the something was, though it was additionally decorated with flowers. I had chocolate and cherry. There were several juicy cherries in the slice, which was pleasantly chocolatey without being overpowering. Both were nice and moist and were of satisfactory size.

Chocolate and Cherry Cake

I should have written it all down before my memories began to fade, so sorry about the vague nature of the review. We ate inside, but you can eat on the balcony too. If you eat outside you don’t get people blocking your view, which is what happened to us when a couple came and sat at a table on the balcony. I had been looking at miles of dull saltmarsh when suddenly the view was replaced by expanses of sunburn and a big straw hat. There were other clothes too, but I forget what they were like. Garish, I do recall. And not big enough.

Elderflower and Something cake

15 thoughts on “Day153

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  2. tootlepedal

    Sorry about the dullness of the view but the alternative seemed to be a lot worse. Not enough garish clothing is a bit scary to contemplate.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I’m quite fond of saltmarsh and reeds, despite the dullness. They probably suit my character. The change in view was a change rather than an improvement.

  3. Laurie Graves

    Haven’t had breakfast yet and those pictures of cake make me oh so hungry. No cake in the house, which means I’ll be having my usual bowl of cereal. However, I do have fresh peaches to add to the bowl, and this will certainly perk things up.

  4. paolsoren

    Ah, now I know what I really want for dinner tonight. But it’s cold, wet, dark and the shops are closed. Settle for sardines on toast with whisky.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I have made courgette cake when I was desperate for a way to use them, which was very nice. Not tried beetroot cake. So much cake, so little time . . .


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