Day 138 (Part 2)

“It’s a Wheatear.” said the elderly gent with all the gear (who may actually have been younger than me). He was right, it was a Wheatear, and he was standing about ten yards away from it. There was absolutely no need for him to walk any closer, as he was already about forty yards closer than me. He had binoculars and I had my eyes. As I pointed the bird out to Julia he spooked it and scared it away.

I like Wheatears and would have liked to get a better view. I was not pleased. Fortunately it bobbed up again and we were able to view it properly. This time the elderly gent, who may well have heard what I said about him earlier, just stood and watched.


After five minutes of bobbing about and displaying the white rump from which it gets its name (it’s from the Anglo-Saxon “white arse”) It flew away. Fortunately, I manged to get a few shots.

The whalebones we have seen before were still there, but now mounted in a framework to make them into a sort of sculpture. It’s probably better for them than just lying on the grass, like they used to do.

There were a lot of blue butterflies out in the yellow flowers. Can anyone recognise the flowers from the photos? I’m rubbish with flower ID.

As an interesting sidelight – the Trustpilot photos for Gibraltar Point contain some great photos, but unfortunately contain several that include rocky outcrops, summer clothing and Barbary Apes – this is Gibraltar, and not Gibraltar Point. The two things are very different.

This is written on Day 139. I will now write a post for Day 139 and in the near future will write about the cake at the4 tearoom. I may even reflect on my dietary sins of the day. But then again, I may not.

Whale bones Gibraltar Point

New Building Gibraltar Point

Old Building Gibraltar Point – I first visited this in 1965. Has it changed? Well, it seems a lot smaller  . . .

Yellow Flower Gibraltar Point

Yellow Flower Gibraltar Point

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