Heckington, Hovis and Hearts

We were driving back from Springfields earlier in the week when, looking around for something to photograph, I spotted Heckington windmill. It’s an impressive sight, but as we drove towards it the sky turned murky and, as it was near closing time, we ecided to leave it for another day.

It’s one of those old-fashioned villages, which still has a few traditional shops, and even a Hovis sign.

Julia went into the green grocer while I took a few photos – she bought oats (which I still have to photograph) and meringues, which were very good when eaten with fruit and cream.

We will have another visit later in the year.

Finally, here is the phone box on the village green. It now houses a defibrillator, which is good for people having heart attacks and provides the third element of the title.


Phone box with defibrillator – Heckington, Lincolnshire

Next to procrastination, alliteration is probably my favourite thing. In a writing sense, that is. Neither, I feel, will ever replace Julia or jam doughnuts in my all time top two.

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