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The Odd Couple and Strange Pigeons

We went to the park today to see the ducks. The first thing I saw was a Wood Pigeon in a tree and a charm of Goldfinches drinking from the stream which acts as an overflow for the pond. The pigeon looked a little rumpled and the Goldfinches were too quick for me, so there are no photographs of those two.

We were surrounded by feral pigeons at one point. I counted them twice, getting 57 in one count and 62 in the next. Call it 60. That’s a lot of verminous skyrats. It may be that I’m being unfair to them, as they do look quite tidy, and even seem keen on taking a bath.

The odd couple are still there, though the goose does seem to be paired up with another goose too. The three of them were together on the grass at the far end of the pond. It now looks a bit like one of those situations where a man has married but still has one of his old mates hanging round, or playing gooseberry.


The birds seem to be paired up and defending territories, but apart from daffodils and a few mahonias there is nothing much happening to suggest Spring. Outside the walls Spring is definitely here but inside the park things are a bit behind. It may be the trees, or the stone wall holding cold air in, but it just seems like the park is a couple of weeks behind the surrounding streets.


A View from a Hill

It’s strange what you see when you’re out with a camera. I’ve never really thought of the “hill” element of Arnot Hill Park, and definitely never considered the idea of a view from the top.


The Home Brewery Building from Arnot Hill Park

The pond looks massive from this angle. The grey building is a Royal Mail Delivery Office. I’m not sure exactly what happens there, but it has lots of vans based and it’s where we go to pick up letters when they need signatures or penalty payments.

I once went there to pick up a letter, paid a penalty because it had the wrong stamp on, and opened it to find it contained an advert on glossy card. It was just after the Post Office started charging extra for letters that were larger than standard and the sender had obviously not heard the news.

The tower in the background is now, I believe, empty. For the last few years it has been used by Nottinghamshire County Council. Before that it was the HQ of Home Ales, the famous Nottingham beer. I never liked the beer, and thought that most of its pubs looked like they’d been designed by an East German, but I can’t fault the main building or ┬áSir John Robinson, the founder.

There’s more information here. I will try to get more photographs as it deserves a better write-up.

The specks in the sky are the feral pigeons from the park.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

There are some days when a single “Oh dear” just won’t do.

I won’t burden you with a list of minor annoyances, but I do want to share one.

On leaving the house this lunchtime to search for Waxwings I saw a big flock of Magpies gathering in the trees at the end of the street. There were around 25 in the treetops and another 15 or so swooped in as we watched, making a total of 40, which is the most Magpies I’ve ever seen at one time. I had my camera with me, so managed to get a few shots.

You won’t be able to see proof of this because the SD card from my camera has selected this moment to start playing up.

I’ve been meaning to back it up for a while.

I suspect that the good intentions that pave the road to Hell often start with “I’ve been meaning to…”

There were no Waxwings, just to add insult to injury, though there were around 20 Redwings and 30 Feral Pigeons.

Those pictures are refusing to cooperate too.

Actually, I’ve just managed to download the contents of the corrupted drive and download the shots. They aren’t that good, but it’s nice to have a few photos for the post.

It’s also been a valuable lesson.