A View from a Hill

It’s strange what you see when you’re out with a camera. I’ve never really thought of the “hill” element of Arnot Hill Park, and definitely never considered the idea of a view from the top.


The Home Brewery Building from Arnot Hill Park

The pond looks massive from this angle. The grey building is a Royal Mail Delivery Office. I’m not sure exactly what happens there, but it has lots of vans based and it’s where we go to pick up letters when they need signatures or penalty payments.

I once went there to pick up a letter, paid a penalty because it had the wrong stamp on, and opened it to find it contained an advert on glossy card. It was just after the Post Office started charging extra for letters that were larger than standard and the sender had obviously not heard the news.

The tower in the background is now, I believe, empty. For the last few years it has been used by Nottinghamshire County Council. Before that it was the HQ of Home Ales, the famous Nottingham beer. I never liked the beer, and thought that most of its pubs looked like they’d been designed by an East German, but I can’t fault the main building or  Sir John Robinson, the founder.

There’s more information here. I will try to get more photographs as it deserves a better write-up.

The specks in the sky are the feral pigeons from the park.

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      1. Lavinia Ross

        I accidentally sent out a Christmas card without a stamp this season, and it came back to me with the envelope stamped all over, defiling and preventing me from putting on a stamp on a resending.

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