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Amongst the Lawyers and the Perverts

There there must be something interesting to say. But I’m struggling to think of it. It was just another morning with another 18 parcels to send. I have finally managed to get control of the Pink Camera. I seem to have altered all the settings when I was struggling to format the card last week.  The flash is now switched off and the focus allows me to take pictures of items that are less than 30 inches away.  Considering that I spend most of my working week sitting at a desk taking pictures from less than 18 inches, this is a positive development.

We had corned beef hash for tea tonight, with plenty of vegetables and even shredded greens, It was both decorative and nutritious and I’m feeling full of vitamins. There was a woman on TV tonight who was taking  over £80 worth of vitamin pills a month. Most of them were not necessary, It seems that the NHS recommends Vitamin D supplements for use in winter as we don’t have enough sunlight in the UK to synthesise it.

I am, I confess, no wiser about all this after reading the Government advice. That’s the trouble with this sort of thing – too many people with no scientific knowledge writing blogs on health. People like me, in fact.

Last night I read a blog about what someone had found when looking herself up on Google. Well, I couldn’t help it, I had to look. There are 17 pages of Simon Wilson – a blogger, several lawyers, a number of sportsmen and two sex offenders. I’m not even the most famous one in Nottingham. I’m on Page 11. I’ve had this name for 64 years and the best I can do is Page 11. Even one of the sex offenders gets better billing than I do. I may have to change my name . . .

Floral Tributes by The Lions in Nottingham. Photo from Julia’s phone. Header picture from the same source.

Another Day, Another Post

Well, the general feeling seems to be that most people write because they enjoy it or they love words (or probably both). Tootlepedal writes to remind himself he’s still alive and write because I’m addicted to it. I also enjoy it, love words and, deep down, believe that someone is going to recognise my talent and give me money.

To be honest, it is looking like the only way i”m likely to make money from writing is by diversifying into kidnapping people and writing ransom notes. I could try kidnapping Boris and threaten to release him unless people send me money. However, I’d better be careful. If someone actually tries it I could find that my blog becomes a matter for discussion in court and what started as “humour” is probably going to be seen in a different light when it is labelled “evidence”. It will also involve buying a suit and tie, which is an expense I can do without.

I dropped Julia off at work this morning and drove back to join the main road via a side-street. That gave me an idea for a haibun and I had two more shortly after. I can’t use the voice recorder I bought recently because it is too small for my big, stiff fingers. I should have spent more money and bought one I could actually use. That is false economy of the first order. That meant I had to keep repeating the ideas to myself as I drove along. If I allow myself to relax I tend to forget. And if I forget I convince myself I have just forgotten my best ever poem. This is unlikely to be true, but it’s annoying to forget anything, even the bad ones.

At work I purloined (which sounds better than “stole”) some office stationery and wrote the rough outlines of the three haibun before making some notes which might turn into something. But they might not/ If I don’t tell you, nobody can ask how the new project is going. Or even if there is a new project…

Tonight we had corned beef hash for tea. It featured the remains of yesterdays vegetable stew, a tin of corned beef, onions, leeks and a pack of ready chopped vegetables. I will have it for lunch tomorrow too, as I made far too much. Fortunately I like corned beef hash. I would probably enjoy it nearly as much without the corned beef, which is something I will have to think about as we eat more veg and less meat.



An Ordinary Life

Yesterday started, as usual, with shillings. We’ve probably spoken about shillings enough. I’ve certainly sorted enough.

I then moved on to sorting out four boxes of  secondhand office supplies we’ve recently inherited from the estate of a local dealer. Although I like stationery, I don’t necessarily like it when it’s mixed up in a box. What with scissors, loose staples and a loose craft knife it was not a happy episode.

Finally I was able to get to the computer in the back office and start putting medallions on eBay. We have a large supply of medallions. I refer to them as “modern”, though to many people the 1970s and 80s are “before I was born”.

I’ve put 41 on in two days and sold 14 already.

Fortunately I am not an ambitious man.

Historical Note: When someone reads my blog 50 years from now to see what ordinary people were thinking about Syria in the run up to Armageddon they are going to have to conclude “not much”.

I’m not sure why we are involved. I’m not sure why the Russians are involved. And I’m not going to waste time worrying about it because there’s nothing I can do to change things.

I’m now going to make corned beef hash for tea.