It was a cold day and nothing much happened.

I don’t think that Pepys or Bridget Jones have much to fear. I am not going to be much competition as a diarist.

I seem to recall it was a cold day yesterday and nothing much happened…

I might title today’s post “Ditto”. In fact, I will.

Anything that was out of the ordinary today, as in problems with customers on EBay and enquiries on the phone, were just repeats of ones I’ve described before. I won’t bore you with the details, just read an old post where I complain about customers, but imagine I’m cold too.

I’m going to write a short post today, but will write more later to keep up my average.

The photo is Arkwright the Tortoise, you may remember him from last year. I haven’t seen him recently, he’s probably snoring in a box of straw in the garage. Tortoises have a very sensible attitude to winter.


17 thoughts on “Ditto

  1. LA

    I totally think you could give Bridget a run for her money…you just need more tarts and vicars parties….unless theyโ€™ve been banned…

  2. Beth

    Isnโ€™t that the truth of it… when I get in touch with people to tell them weโ€™re still alive my words usually are โ€œthereโ€™s nothing new to report, Iโ€™m just letting you know I am aliveโ€.

    Arkwright is a lovely tortoise… and I think Iโ€™ll be asking my friend if we can walk his tortoise when heโ€™s bigger! ๐Ÿ˜‚


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