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36 Minutes

I have a post mainly written, but it still needs a bit of work. Therefore the post for 23rd May 2020 will be on the subject of having 36 minutes to write and post before midnight. It’s not an original subject as I have written similar posts many times – the only thing that dioffers is the number of minutes.

There have been two bright spots in my day. One was looking at the pictures in the previous three posts. I really enjoyed getting out and sitting in the sun. The second was hunting down a hot water bottle and sitting with my hands wrapped round it. As if by magic my finger joints unlocked and as I type I almost have two trouble-free hands again.

Simple pleasures…

That’s 125 words and I still have 28 minutes left.

There was actually a fourth highlight – when I was able to click “Dismiss” on the screen when it told me I could use the new editor. As it was a couple of days ago I have already linked to that post. I will, however, link to the Arkwright post once more, as I just noticed it whilst linking to the other posts. That was also a high point of the day. There’s something about the incongruity of a tortoise walking along the footpath that means you have to smile even if you don’t like tortoises.

Arkwright the Tortoise

Arkwright the Tortoise

It’s one of those episodes where truth is stranger than fiction. Over the years I’ve written up several such incidents, either as short stories, haibun or poems, and they have always been returned. Once or twice the rejecting editor (the commonest sort) has expressed scepticism about the incident. Sometimes people just don’t appreciate the truth.

Talking of highlights – we had rhubarb and apple crumble with custard for tea. One of the surprising elements of lockdown has been Julia cooking a lot of crumbles. I like crumbles. I like them even better with custard.

So, to sum up.

Reasons to be cheerful –

Sunshine, fresh air, flowers, Julia, tortoises, hot water bottles.

Twelve minutes to go. I’m getting quite fast at writing inconsequential drivel.

Thirty two minutes, including loading photos and tags. Phew!





The Adventures of Arkwright

Yesterday, as we left the house, Julia noticed a woman standing outside and asked if she was OK. She was. She was just pausing to wait for her tortoise as he grazed on the plants in our front garden. They tend to encroach on the footpath.

We run the garden to be attractive to wildlife, but this was the first time we’ve had a tortoise visit.

We’ve never seen him before but his owner says she walks him regularly because it exercises him and keeps his claws worn down. He walks approximately 200 yards, snacks on the hedge at the end house (which has a more riotous garden than we do) and then waits to be carried home.

Arkwright the Tortoise

Arkwright the Tortoise

He is called Arkwright (named after Ronnie Barker‘s character in Open All Hours), walks faster when it is sunny and, when he can be bothered to walk home, knows which house to turn into.