Reading, and Other Pastimes

After a hard day sitting in a cold shop and drinking coffee, I thought i’d have a serious go at getting some work done when I got home. I was just getting into my stride when the phone rang. That took a half hour chunk out of my evening. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed talking about coins and collecting, but it’s just brought me to a standstill.

I now need to start cooking is we are going to eat before the grocery order arrives. But if I don’t write the blog first I’ll end up like I have done on the last few nights, with limited time and not much thought.

I do have quite an interesting post in preparation (well, I find it interesting) but it needs some work and I can’t concentrate if I’m rushed. It will have to go away again and I will have another go tonight when I’m not pressed for time.

Today’s post was interesting. tI had a mysterious envelope which turned out to have an anthology of haibun in it. This comes free with my membership of the British Haiku Society. I thought I really should rejoin, after a break of 14 years. I had the journal last week, so I really am up to the eyeballs in Japanese poetry.

I also had a novel called Splash!, which I hadn’t heard of until now. It’s from the Book Club Number One Son signed me up for as a Christmas present. It’s good to read things that different from normal. I can’t recall the last time I read a work of fiction without at least one body and a butler.

Finally there was a book I bought for myself (yes, I know…) – Regency Spies. It is not to be confused with a series of Regency romances that crop up when you Google it.Β  But, for now, I’d better get on with the cooking.


30 thoughts on “Reading, and Other Pastimes

  1. Beth

    Regency Spies is just up my street. I love books from Pen & Sword though. The last one I read was Poison Panic, somewhat of an anthology of stories about women who poisoned their families in Victorian Essex. A good book really.

      1. Beth

        Oh there was… even the sleepiest Victorian village boasted a poisoner although I think they were more often tried for witchcraft.

  2. Laurie Graves

    For Christmas, I received quite a stack of books. What fun to have them to read for the New Year. Sounds as though you will have new books to look forward to in the upcoming months.

      1. LA

        Well, I can tell you it sucks, then no matter what happens you’ll like it better than my review…

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