100 Rejections?

They are getting through the vaccinations round here – people in their mid-50s are now being called in. In Nottinghamshire we are being given our second dates at the time of booking the first one. My sister, in Cambridgeshire, and a friend in Oxfordshire, are still waiting for their second dates weeks after the initial vaccinations.

Julia’s weekly test went in the post this morning as part of our “new normal” and we are hoping for the traditional clar result tomorrow morning. The current streamlined testing system is very impressive.

Lat night I read an article on writing that put forward a new way of looking at things. I may have mentioned that I try to take the view that more submissions will mean more acceptances. I may even have mentioned that when I was a salesman looking for one sale in ten visits, I used to look on the nine blanks as nine steps towards the next sale.

The article says that you should aim for 100 rejections a year. That way you can be more relaxed and the acceptances will follow.Β  This is in line with my thinking, though actively seeking 100 rejections is one step beyond my current plans. As an example they describe an experiment performed with a ceramics course. Half the course were told that they would be graded on a single piece of work, which should be perfect.Β  The other half were told they would be judged on the total weight of pottery produced. (I’m not sure if this is true or not, but it makes a good story so stick with it).

At the end of the year the group that produced the best quality pots was the group that had been told to produce quantity – they made more pots, they improved with practice and they stayed relaxed. By the end of the year they were producing better pots than he members of the group who had ben told to make one perfect pot. Members of that group were so hung up on producing one perfect piece they simply couldn’t produce to the best of their ability.

It’s certainly something to think about, though I’m not sure if I could write enough to gather 100 rejections.

16 thoughts on “100 Rejections?

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  2. LA

    I like the thought of setting a failure goal….I think mine is going to be how many readers can I piss off and lose due to my opinions

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      The creativity experiment reminded me of the coaching experiment where they praised half the kids for their talent and the others for their hard work. The hard work group turned out to be more talented and relaxed overall. We jut (10.31) had Julia’s latest result – negative again. πŸ™‚

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I really don’t know if I could manage it. She claims to have had 43 rejections in the year, which is more manageable. Inthe last six months I have made 26 submissions and I’m not sure I could manage many more. πŸ™‚


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