Tuesday – Thoughts on Titles

Does the title give it away? I’ve been having to think about titles recently as part of my general “upping the game” policy for haibun. With WP you can just throw a few words in the title box and you are done. If I can add some alliteration I consider it a good day and if I can work a pun into it I turn mental cartwheels. But with haibun they expect much more.

A haibun title should draw the reader in and enthuse them to read on, It should link to the prose and haiku, without giving it away, and it should, after the reader has finished, add a further dimension or other meaning.

That’s slightly different to the way I generally view a title, which is a way to identify the work when I want to find it again. I can see a major reassessment is needed.

I’ve actually looked at the titles of a few haibun by people who have criticised my titles. Guess what? I just read half a dozen haibun. One title drew me in. Several were dull. One linked to the haiku but neither the title nor the haiku linked to the prose. A couple seemed to have nothing to do with anything that followed. None of them changed meaning after I finished reading the haibun, though several puzzled me by, as mentioned above, seeming to have nothing to do with the haibun. I could go on.

My point? Some of these simple things are harder than they look and even the great and the good struggle to get it right.

It might be that they are getting it right and I am just too plodding to recognise the fact.

So – three things to learn from today.

One – work harder on titles, using these guidelines.

Two – develop critical reading skills.

Three – editors don’t always follow their own advice.

That, I think, is enough for now. I’m now going to apply these lessons to my latest haibuns “Crap haibun I threw together between games of Freecell” and “Number 82”. It’s likely that they can both be improved.

17 thoughts on “Tuesday – Thoughts on Titles

  1. Lavinia Ross

    You do have talent, Quercus. There is the talent quotient, but there is also a lot of gatekeeper subjectivity, as well as prejudice, in the arts. Keep writing!

      1. LA

        But you know, when you’re as universally excellent at everything, as we both are,it’s tough to struggle with something

  2. Laurie Graves

    The shorter the piece, or poem, the more difficult it is. Every word counts. Titles included. Wonderful to read how you are working hard to master the form. Keep working. Keep improving.

      1. Laurie Graves

        Yes, November. I’ve been proofing and proofing until it seems as though my eyes are going to bug out. In addition, My salt and pepper hair is a frazzled mess. πŸ˜‰

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