Tuesday – Diary of a Lazy Husband

Another rough night, and again it was caused by sleeping too much in front of the TV, worry and waterworks. I really should learn to mange my sleep better.

There was a news item about the seals at Donna Nook that I mentioned yesterday. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is going to start charging and will limit the number of people who can visit. Surprisingly, they are nearly all sold out for the current week, despite the report being of a handful of seals and just one pup. It’s free this week, which may explain it. No, I just checked Saturday – it’s £10 and they only have one slot left. Next Tuesday it’s £7.50 and they have about 200 slots left.

We won’t be going. We aren’t allowed to travel out of the area due to our Level 3 status.

I’m not saying that the current Covid situation is great for people who like rules and people who want to profiteer, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

Took Julia to work and nipped to the jewellers. I caught my wedding ring on something and created a small spike last week Like a broken tooth, it’s a small thing, but you keep going back to it. They filed it down and polished it for me, so all is right with the world. “Nipping” to the jewellers consisted of staying two hours and drinking three cups of tea. I’m not sure how that squares up with our new Level 3 status, but we are almost a social bubble anyway.

They had a customer who entered the shop carrying a mask. “Do I have to put this on?” he asked. Well, if you’ve gone to the trouble of carrying it, you may as well wear it, I thought.

I went to TESCO after that and bought some of Julia’s favourite food. It’s our anniversary soon, though I can never remember the actual date. I did know it once, but it has become hazy over the years. If I do a few things around the right date she will never guess I’ve forgotten. Numbers aren’t my strong point.

Two members of staff were working amongst customers without masks – one of them had one, but was wearing it under his chin.

They had celeriac in stock so I bought one. I’ve been trying to get one for about six weeks and when I try online I can never get one.

Back home – the blood test results were waiting. I missed a few doses in the last week or two because somebody (and I point no fingers) tidied my Warfarin away and I ran out before I could get another supply. I took a few extra in the last five days and managed to boost my level to 2.0. My acceptable range is 2.0 – 3.0 so I only just scraped in. Next test, January 2021. I am happy.

Wrote a piece on haibun titles (after doing an hour or so of reading articles on the internet) and washed up. Ate stew leftovers for a late lunch and reached for the wrong bottle. It wasn’t too bad with ketchup, though the first mouthful was a bit of a surprise.

That leaves me about an hour to make the house look like I’ve been decluttering. Wish me luck!

17 thoughts on “Tuesday – Diary of a Lazy Husband

  1. Helen

    How did the decluttering go?

    A shame about Donna Nook. This weekend is our last in Tier 2 and I had hoped to see them this year. Oh well!

    At least your Warfarin levels are okay and you for your wedding ring mended.

  2. Laurie Graves

    What is it about people and masks? In Maine, the majority wear masks, but every once in a while you see someone swanning around without one. What the heck! If everyone wore masks when they went out, Covid-19 would be under much better control. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your anniversary meal.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, we did thank you. I don’t know why people think masks are optional, the law here is quite clear, but we still have to remind people, then every so often you get someone telling you they are exempt.

      Don’t get me started on “exempt”.

  3. derrickjknight

    An eventful day. Thank your lucky stars that you have only one date to remember. I married Jackie first time on 1st March; Jessica on 2nd March – or was it the other way round?. The second time I married Jackie was 17th October. I missed it this year.

  4. tootlepedal

    There was a rather alarming item today about the length of time that people are remaining immune to the virus. I just mention this in case you start getting too cheerful.

  5. charliecountryboy

    Sounds like quite a busy husband to me, there again everyone seems busier than I.
    I’ve not really watched news or read papers for an age but I keep hearing about tiers; I wondered if people were baking their own wedding cakes🥳
    I keep forgetting a mask which means I walk further than I did as I’m usually half way into town before I remember but what’s the point in carrying one and not wearing it?
    Like you, I think, I find the world more and more confusing 😩

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Cake is good. The thought has brightened my day.

      Yes, I ended up holding a handkerchief to my face the other day because I was too lazy to walk back for a mask.

      I really need a mask on a lanyard. Or one on each side with a bit of cord passed up one sleeve and down the other.

      Anyway, must go, I need to wipe the image of a man in red platforms and a tutu from my mind…

  6. Lavinia Ross

    Covid is continuing to spike over here, and winter-like weather is here already. I think another lockdown will come soon, probably shortly after the election next week. One can feel the tension in the air.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, I can imagine the election is having some impact on Covid decision-making. The news here is that we may have a vaccine almost ready – but as it is news rather than fact I will prepare for disappointment.


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