What Can I Write About Today?

I have a  number of thoughts in the pipeline but they still need a bit of work.

However, Derrick and Tootlepedal have both fallen into my trap and asked for more details of what I turned up when I searched myself on Google. They both come up with their blogs when you Google them. I don’t, because I started the blog for the Quercus Community group and, eventually, I became Quercus.

I can now provide details without looking like a blatant self-publicist or an egomaniac.

My real name is Simon Wilson, but both names are so common that if you Google me I don’t get a look in. There are just so many notable people with my name that I’m frozen out, which is slightly annoying as I’ve had for longer than  most of them.


Trees at day’s end

Anyway, here are the links to me.

Here, here, here, here and here. And here. There were more than I thought.

There’s also a link to one of my blog posts, but though I’ve talked of haibun on the blog several times, and even published a couple, Google doesn’t seem to pick them up. The blog post has a link to a haiku that wasn’t picked up by Google.

There is also a book review  for a book of haibun and other short poems by Xenia Tran, better known on WordPress as Whippet Wisdom. It’s not much of a review but if Goggle can be bothered to note it, it would be rude not to share the link.

According to the blog, I had nine acceptances, but could only find six by using Google. I can’t look them up by name because I’ve forgotten what they were. Somewhere I have a display book with them all in, but I haven’t seen that for a while now I come to think about it.

It’s not an ego thing – I don’t feel the need to print it all out and make a book of it. I just do it because when  you get a rejection it’s easy to take the book off the shelf and remind yourself that you have been a success and will be again. Well, it’s easy to take the book off the shelf if you can remember which shelf.

One rejection, or even several in a row, only means you’re in a temporary dip.

Form, as any coach will tell you, is temporary, but class will last for ever.


A Figure in the Fog








27 thoughts on “What Can I Write About Today?

  1. jodierichelle

    Oh, Simon, that second link – the one about your father – it is stunning. Just so poignant! I haven’t even read the rest because I wanted to comment. Hugs to you.

      1. quercuscommunity

        That is the advantage of having a farm. 🙂

        Even without the name you would be unique, as my contacts list is not overburdened with Oregon residents who sing and share their lives with a literate cat community.

        To be honest, I could have stopped at “Oregon residents”.

  2. tootlepedal

    My brother in law edited the Wikipedia page for his family name so that he now appears on it. Perhaps there is a Wilson page on Wikipedia that could be added to as well.

  3. LA

    My first name is so common amongst American women born in the sixties, I could have about any last name ever, and it would still be impossible to google me. I’ll stick with LA

      1. quercuscommunity

        The blog was originally started to log the events of a group called Quercus Community which ran outdoor education and activities for schools and people with learning disabilities. The group folded when we were evicted to make way for someone who could pay more. I never got round to changing the name of the blog.

    1. quercuscommunity

      🙂 I have been through several phases in life either wishing for a distinctive name, or being glad I didn’t have one. Naming children is a complicated business.

      1. LA

        My daughter has a name that’s just popular enough to not be “out there” but not so popular as to be redundant

    1. quercuscommunity

      Quercus brings up a lot of oak trees, a publisher and a folk trio. Photos are mainly oak trees. Quercus Haibun brings up nothing much, though a few of the photos are mine. Quercus Community brings up the blog, the group/company, a commune in Virginia and a bookshop in Australia. Many og the photos are from the blog.


      The spooky last photo is one of the big green statues we had, photographed on a miserable autumn day.


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