Seven Reasons to be Cheerful

I am feeling particularly cheerful today and decided it called for another list. It won’t run to 10 points, but I’ll try to keep it going as long as possible.

One, I have a wife. She’s still with me after 30 years. I don’t know how, or why, she puts up with me.

Two, I have a sister who worries about my health and sends me face masks by post.

Three, the kids have grown up and become reasonable human beings. I actually quite like them, which wasn’t always the case when they were teenagers. You have to love them, because it’s what parents do. And you have to feed them because that’s the law. But liking them is a bonus.

Four, Number Two Son, currently still in Canada, rang Julia today to say he’d seen a Cardinal and it was the best bird he’d ever seen. Nice to know he has grown up with a proper set of values.

Five, we have enough food. This wasn’t the case a few months ago, when panic-buying was in full swing. I thought of this because I used the last of the pre-cooked rice I’d bought in case things got worse.

Six, after the Mexican style fried rice I made (which was better than it sounds) we had apple crumble using apples from the Mencap garden.

Seven, we had ice cream with the crumble, which was delicious after a hot, stuffy day.

I could get to eight, but seven seem OK, and scans better in the title, so I’m going to call it a day.

The photos are from an old camera card I rediscovered recently.


14 thoughts on “Seven Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Laurie Graves

    Seven good reasons to be happy. Love the flash of red of a cardinal. I know this might come across as gloating, but we have a pair in our backyard. 😉

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I am glad your son got to see a cardinal. They were one of my favorite birds from back east, and that species does not make it this far west. In winter, to see the bright red male sitting on an deep green evergreen tree branch against a snowy background is one of Nature’s true visual delights. In early February, the males would begin to call for a Mrs. Cardinal. His song is beautiful to listen to.


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