ASDA Disaster!

As I said yesterday, I spent a lot of time amending my ASDA Click & Collect order. I added my payment details and ensured I had the conformation email. Everything was, as the Americans say, copacetic. Actually, from what I see on WordPress, they don’t say it. But they could do. It’s one word I wouldn’t mind them importing into English.

Things took a distinct turn for the worst when we arrived. At ASDA you park up then use their app to tell them you have arrived. A what? I don’t do apps. I did it the old-fashioned way, catching the eye of a staff member and asking for help.

As they brought the shopping across I felt a deep depression settle on me.

My order was Β for over Β£60, including things for the stock cupboard and a few bits for neighbours. What was coming to us across the car park was a small box with just over a dozen items, including some that I’d cancelled the night before.

They had clearly not processed the new order. They had sent me an email to tell me that the order had been amended and I had, foolishly, not checked the rest of the email, which detailed the order. When I returned home and checked, the “amended order” was not, in fact, amended. It was just the old order repeated.

I won’t bore you with too much detail.

The man on the helpline (after I had spoken to three other people, including an idiot) told me it was obviously a “technical matter”, that there was no way for him to provide me with the food I had ordered and that “there’s nothing I can do,”

I will remember this in future.

In fact I will remember it in two weeks. I have another Click and Collect order with ASDA in two weeks, but I’ve also managed to get a TESCO delivery slot two days after that. It’s very tempting to cancel the ASDA order. I don’t like doing it, as I am a man of my word. On the other hand they let me down badly today and refused to make things right.

Fortunately I’ve managed to arrange things over the last month so that we have enough food to last us until the next delivery. It means we are out of mustard, short on marmalade, and low on cheese, but have plenty of toilet roll, pasta and longlife milk.

However, I’ve just been watching the news from Brazil. Their President makes Boris Johnson look like a statesman, and President Trump is an intellectual giant in comparison. In terms of counting our blessings, let’s just reflect that it could be a lot worse.

It was an an unpleasant, cold, grey day today, though it’s supposed to improve tomorrow.

And that concludes the miserable, moaning diary entry for today. I thought I’d use some rainbow photos as they are a symbol of the lockdown.

abstract abstract expressionism abstract painting acrylic paint

Photo by Steve Johnson on



27 thoughts on “ASDA Disaster!

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  2. Clare Pooley

    I was wondering if you had any independent shops near you that are still open or are delivering goods. We have discovered quite a few here that are willing to keep goods for us to collect and some that will deliver if the order is over a certain amount and some that just deliver no matter what we have ordered. It keeps their business afloat and gives them something to do. All this does entail a lot of searching on-line and/or phoning around. We have got together with neighbours and we make up an order together which makes the delivery worth the drivers while. Large supermarkets don’t need to help individuals as they have so many customers to keep them going. Small retailers desperately need the business.

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  4. Lavinia Ross

    Here, we have to go out for all the food and supply runs armed with mask and hand sanitizer. Any store that can keeps their doors open so fresh air gets in. On the bright side, it’s getting a bit warmer out, the plant starts will go out in the garden before too long, and we are all still well. πŸ™‚

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Our local chip shop has just re-opened. You have to stand outside, shout your order through the door and they bring it out to you.

      It was a pleasant surprise when Julia came back from her walk with packets of fish and chips.

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  5. Laurie Graves

    I hang my wordy, nerdy girl head in shame. I had never heard of “copacetic” and had to look up its meaning. Sorry to read about the troubles at the grocery store. Sure hope it goes better for you next time.

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I’m sure it will be better next time. Fingers crossed. Amazed to think I’ve introduced you to an unknown American word. πŸ™‚ What with woods, hummingbirds and lobster rolls I’d have thought you used it about your life on a constant basis.

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  6. jodierichelle

    I do enjoy the word “copacetic,” although I don’t often think to use it.
    Re: the messy grocery order, I don’t think – at least around here – in these crazy times – that a change in order is going to work. I walk into a grocery store and feel like whatever I touch is mine, whether I want it or not. And if I order it, I will have to keep it. The nuances of customer service are gone for the time being. It’s time to get creative and cook up what we’ve been given.

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Fortunately we have plenty of most things so we will hardly notice the interruption. I’d rather shop in person, as it’s a lot easier, but don’t want to mix with people.



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