A Woman Full of Surprises


Even after knowing each other for 40 years Julia still has the capacity to surprise me.

She knitted a teddy bear yesterday. This was a surprise, as she has not knitted for years. Crochet embroidery and felting, yes, but no knitting. OK, it’s not a great surprise , but I#m building up to the big one.

Today she went out for some fresh air and came back with fish and chips. This was a surprise as I didn’t know the chip shop had reopened. Nor did I realise we were going to have something nice for tea, when I’d been expecting another meal of vegetables. It’s not the freedom I’m missing during lockdown, but the variety of food we used to eat. You have to queue outside and order from the open door.

Hake and Chips in Cromer

It’s our first take-away since the disastrous KFC. That’s nearly six weeks ago. In normal times I would probably have used KFC and Just Eat several times, so I’m happy to report they have lost some business over the mess. ASDA will be losing some too. In these days, when customer service means nothing, and people never get back to you about complaints, this seems to be the best you can do to.

When you used to have to write in with complaints they used to take things more seriously. Now that they do it all by email it’s easier but also easier to write an anodyne and meaningless reply.

I think I may write another complaint and see if anything happens.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of chips from happier times.


25 thoughts on “A Woman Full of Surprises

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Number Two Son has sent me a voucher to have three meals delivered by one of those specialist companies that provide boxed ingredients – it will be a pleasant change next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Helen

    PS Weโ€™ve got into making our own chips and I bought some battered fish from the Co-op yesterday. On balance, our chips are nicer, so maybe itโ€™s not such a bad thing that our fish and chip shop is closed. Since itโ€™s been taken over by new owners, the prices have gone up, anyway.

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  2. Helen

    Sorry to hear about the ASDA fiasco. I shouldnโ€™t advise but so hard not to suggest you dump them in favour of a company that hadnโ€™t upset you. Losing customers probably does more good for change than complaining in the long run. And why be loyal to a massive company when it clearly doesnโ€™t hold its customers in great esteem.

    Anyway, nice touch about Juliaโ€™s teddy bear.

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