The Dying of the Light

I have just finished eating a miserable, boring and tasteless meal. Low salt baked beans, low fat oven chips and cheap burgers. Even a large spoonful of chilli jam couldn’t bring it to life. This is, I suppose it’s the cost of being healthy.

Not for the first time, I have found myself pondering if life is worth the trouble if you have to extend it unnaturally by eating pap. In fact, after my last few weeks I’ve been asking myself the same question in general, regardless of the quality of my diet.

Even having another haibun published hasn’t cheered me up.Β  Generally I like to mention my successes in posts, smile modestly and simper a bit whilst feeling mildly smug. This morning I just looked at it, saw all the imperfections and uttered a small sigh.

Click here if you want to read it. But don’t feel you have to, if you are here to hear me moaning about life just read on. For a good poem, click here.

I wonder if Dylan Thomas ever looked at his poems and uttered a small sigh.

Today’s annoyance in the shop was a gas man, who insisted on walking round the shop with a meter, checking for gas leaks. We don’t have any gas leaks. This may be because we don’t have any gas, but we had to have it done anyway in case they were leaking next door.

Tomorrow they will be digging up the road in front of the shop looking for a gas leak. I’m not sure if I mentioned it last time they dug the road up looking for a gas leak. It was about a month ago. There ought to be a rule that if they have to do the job twice they don’t get paid for the first one.

As if that wasn’t bad enough they have just started major gas works, with road closures, on our way to work. The signs say it will take six weeks. It didn’t cause too many problems this morning, but it’s school holidays so things are always easier on the roads. The real test will be in two weeks when the schools go back.

When you’re growing up your parents never tell you about days like this.

24 thoughts on “The Dying of the Light

  1. Clare Pooley

    I also enjoyed the haibun. My daughter’s acupuncturist told my daughter that most of her patients are feeling weary, exhausted and/or depressed. The spring malaise I think, brought on by B…xit and road works, amongst other things. We are surrounded by road closures and are having difficulty getting to two of our nearest three towns.

  2. derrickjknight

    Very apt post title for one with the link to that excellent haibun (no WP not halibut). My son Mat could not convince the gas company on the telephone that he had a meter in his flat, even though he was looking at it.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I can’t understand why they’d think you’d lie about having a gas meter. Surely people lie about having a big car or such things, not gas meters.

      Thank you for your kind words on the halibut. πŸ™‚

  3. Laurie Graves

    Excellent haibun. It is possible to eat healthy, yet tasty food, but it might require looking for different techniques and recipes. Hard at our age, I know, but also fun to learn different techniques and combinations. Next week, I’ll be sharing a recipe for a veggie broth mix made from nutritional yeast. Not only does it taste really, really good, but it is also good for you.

    1. quercuscommunity

      If I’d had a little more time and enthusiasm I’d have made chilli potato wedges, home made veggie burgers and I’d have used the mixed beans (despite Julia not liking them!)

  4. Andrew Petcher

    Kim is currently on a diet frenzy so that means that I am too so we are eating healthy food. I have to say that the ‘Slimmer’s World’ recipes are very good and tasty but also very time consuming to prepare.
    This signing in business to leave a comment is a real pain. Some blogs require it but others don’t. What a mystery!

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’ve altered the setting, though I’m not sure how it got set to ask for details, as I hate it when they do that. Can you let me know if it’s working next time you comment please. πŸ™‚

  5. tootlepedal

    Gosh, things are gloomy. Tasteless food certainly doesn’t help at a time like this. In spite of your reservation, I enjoyed the haibun. It is an attractive form if done well. The other poem is good too of course but I am hoping to go very gently into the dying of the light. I have never been a wild man.


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