Good News and Loose Ends

I had some good news yesterday.

You may recall from a previous post that I’ve been worrying about various things. I’ve also noted a few loose ends – in the Bakewell post I said I’d explain why I was using the old camera, but I didn’t.

That’s easy – the socket on the new camera is getting a bit slack and it can be trickyΒ  when downloading by plugging it directly into the computer. As the card reader on my laptop doesn’t work, and there is no card reader on my work computer I tried the old camera as I may start using it for work. Plug-in card readers always seem to fall apart so I have stopped buying them.

Another loose end – Number One Son and the cancelled trip to Innsbruck. Easy Jet are going to refund him for the flight and the Air BnB people have given him a 100% refund as they sympathised with his situation. That only leaves the flight home (Ryan Air) and the loss of the holiday but as he says – the flight home is a small price to pay and though he did miss the holiday he fitted in a day trip to Brighton and was amazed by the kindness of the Air BnB hosts, so it’s all good.

One thing I was worried about, after a couple of acceptances, was that I wouldn’t be able to live up to that standard again. As a result I’ve been messing around with haibun instead of finishing them, and feeling they weren’t good enough to send. I also missed the chance of a few submissions because I didn’t think I had anything good enough to send.

In some ways, having things accepted has been worse for my confidence than having things rejected.

Anyway, I finally got fed up with my pathetically defeatist attitude and sent three more submissions off on Christmas Eve. During the afternoon of Christmas Day I was surprised to see I had a reply, which seemed very quick, very dedicated and, let’s be honest, was bound to be a rejection because acceptances take longer than that.

At least I had the monkey off my back.

However, I was wrong and I’ve just had another acceptance. I’ve also been given advice. This is good, as editors are busy people and everyone agrees that getting feedback is a good sign.

As a result I’m feeling far too pleased with myself. I really need to learn how to cope with acceptance a little better. I also need to alter that haibun I wrote about editors.

I also need to review the advice I gave about people boasting in Christmas Letters as I now find I’m not quite sure of the boundary between reporting success and boasting.

24 thoughts on “Good News and Loose Ends

  1. Jodie Richeal

    Congratulations on another acceptance! I think you can feel confident that, although you might not yet know what you’ve got, you’ve got something good to offer. Bravo!

  2. Donnalee

    Congratulations on the good bits in there. I also find that good news makes me more uneasy than just more of the same old crap. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind hearing really good US political news–I could put up with some discomfort to hear things about the chance of it having some possible good future.

  3. Helen

    I don’t think your post even borders on boasting. There is a noticeable difference between reporting a happy event (as you have done) and broadcasting how brilliant you think you are. Tone/choice of language are key.

    In any case, you seem more concerned with failure than success!

  4. tootlepedal

    Other people vaingloriously boast, you modestly report on some well deserved minor success. We just need to hear of you getting good, prompt service in a cafe without any annoying customers in it and we will begin to believe that all is for the best in the best possible world.

  5. Laurie Graves

    As we would say in Maine, it ain’t boasting if it is true. Congrats, Quercus! Very much deserved. Also glad your son’s experience turned out to be amazingly good.


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