After the Bee-eaters


Guess what we did after we saw the Bee-eaters last week?

Yes, as you may be able to guess from the pictures, we went to see the Ospreys at Rutland Water. It was an expedition with several difficulties, one being distance and another being the settings on Julia’s camera. That’s why the pictures have the look of video footage taken on a phone camera.

What happened was that I ground to a halt after two hides, but nobly insisted that Julia carried on to the next one to see the Ospreys. She arrived at the relevant hide to find that her camera was mysteriously frozen, so phone shots of the CCTV were the best she could do. Good bit of lateral thinking.

The fledglings were looking quite lively, and likely to leave the nest quite soon.

Best sightings of the day for me were the damselflies and dragonflies. There were hundreds of Common Blue Damselflies about, though mostly too fast for my camera skills. The Common Darter was quite common too, and darted about. I don’t know who named these things, but they got it spot on. We did see a few others but without photos I’m not too good at identifying them.


Common Blue Damselfly (male)


Common Darter (male)




17 thoughts on “After the Bee-eaters

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  2. Lavinia Ross

    The dragonflies are quite beautiful. 🙂

    Quercus, for some reason my comments yesterday were thrown into WP SPAM on several blogs, I think yours too. This happens every so often, I am not sure why.

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  4. Laurie Graves

    It is not uncommon for ospreys to nest too far away to take good pictures of them. Very inconvenient of them! Love those damsel and dragon flies.


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