Man, Mirror, Monkey, Selfie

They say that if you give typewriters to a roomful of monkeys they will eventually write Hamlet.

If you give a single monkey a mirror the results will be more immediate and more amusing.

If you give a man with time on his hands a digital camera, despite the supposed gulf in evolution and technology, you are firmly back in mirror/monkey territory.

I generally try to strike a pose that marks me out as a leader of men. This is easier with a camera than a phone as the phone invariably shows me looking sideways due to the placement of the lens. That makes me look shifty. Depending on the angle of head and camera I can also look like Mr Potato Head. Or a shifty Mr Potato Head.

I also find that I look older from one side than from the other, and serve as a terrible warning about cutting your own hair.

Having said that, if you buy cheap clippers you only need to cut it twice to be in profit. Once I qualify for senior citizen offers I may let a barber do it again as the costings will change.

I’m going to gloss over the matter of nasal hair (though I won’t be shooting from that angle again) but there can be problems with the degree of zoom and with holding the camera steady.

So that leaves this one. To be honest it looks less “leader of men” and more “pining for a decent haircut” but it’s the best I can do.


Best of a bad lot

Julia says next time I pick her up from work she’s going to leave a mirror outside and see what develops.

23 thoughts on “Man, Mirror, Monkey, Selfie

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  3. Bel

    I can’t take a good selfie even if my life depended on it…😂 It’s so difficult but the models sure make it look easy!

  4. jodierichelle

    Such a perfect post. Most of my friends know exactly what to do when a phone turns up in front of them. Chin up! Eyes wide! Tilt to the left (or right) – – they have the perfect selfie pose memorized. I would love to be able to do that, because I do not take a good picture of myself ever. But I am not stewing in bed at 5:30 am about my inability to take a selfie. There’s always something else I am working on.

      1. arlingwoman

        You know, after I hit sent, I realized there was probably room for interpretation. Prose, of course, especially along about the last paragraph, I think.

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