Pictures Loaded, Menu Sorted

I finally worked out how to load pictures from my phone to the blog. I’m sure a five-year-old could do it, but I can’t. When I was that age telephones were attached to walls at home, or red boxes when you were out and about, and you took photos with cameras which had film in them. Just to complete the picture of the technological desert of the 1960s, computers were so big they had their own rooms and TVs showed black and white pictures from a choice of two stations.

Makes you wonder how we got by.

So yesterday’s post now has photos.

It’s time to cook now – Pea and Mint soup (again) for a couple of weekday lunches, Cottage Pie for tonight with lots of healthy green veg, meatballs to be precooked for tomorrow, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry to be refrigerated for Tuesday.

I’d better stop watching Pointless and get cooking before I pick Julia up from work or I’ll be in trouble. The fact I got a pointless answer won’t impress a hungry woman.

14 thoughts on “Pictures Loaded, Menu Sorted

  1. Laurie Graves

    Yes, things have changed since we were young, but we “old timers” can still learn a few new tricks πŸ˜‰ Your menu sounds wonderful! So good!

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I think I have finally caught up with you and Julia again, Quercus! Yes, the old days when phones were only land lines, and no answering machines available. I remember them well. Technology is changing at a very rapid pace, and accelerating.

    Good to hear your health is improving too!

  3. GP Cox

    haha – I was head payroll clerk at the main office of Walbaum’s’ 100 grocery stores back in those dinosaur days. We had our own IBM department, of course it took up a huge room, but we thought we were so advanced!!

  4. C thehappymeerkat

    Im still learning some features of my smart phone so you’re not alone :). The first TV my family had was black and white. Colour TVs had been invented but we couldn’t afford one so we got by with black and white….it still works :). Better than a lot of modern technology which seems to break after a few years.


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