Trees are Good for You

The sun has just broken through the clouds, bringing a welcome brightness to a wet, grey day. I’m typing and watching antiques programmes on TV after a late lunch of home made pea and mint soup. Today has been productive and pleasant and all is right with the world. The only thing that could improve my mood is an invitation to stay at Blandings Castle.

So why am I wound up to the point of homicide?

Because yet again I’ve had to go to the phone to answer a call from an overseas call centre. I’m registered with the Telephone Preference Service but unfortunately this doesn’t stop the overseas calls and we are getting one or two of those every day. We notice them more that we are at home.


Trees at Arnot Hill Park

As a general rule I try to be polite because the callers are only doing a job, but today I wasn’t in much of a mood for manners. I was forthright rather than rude, but I don’t suppose I improved their day. In fairness, they didn’t improve mine either.

As part of my on-going process of self-improvement I’m going to stop being irritable and start letting karma take its course. As I always told the kids, you shouldn’t let the actions of others dictate your behaviour.

From now on I’m going to stay polite and let karma sort things out. It’s just that I’d find it easier to do if I was allowed to pick karma up and hit people with it.

The trees are archive shots because if you want to be calm, trees are good for you.


Sunset in Sherwood

12 thoughts on “Trees are Good for You

  1. beatingthebounds

    We have a similar strategy of pretending to be entirely credulous and very enthusiastic about whatever it is they are trying to do, sell, scam etc. “Really, you represent the World Wide Web? How kind of you to call.” The kids are better at it than me. I usually laugh and they hang up. The game is to keep them on for as long as possible. “Yes, I am sat at my computer, what would you like me to do now?”. To be fair, they are pretty savvy usually, and hang up fairly quickly.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I found a way to stop their conversation and still be polite. I tell them I know they are really decent people at heart, but that they need to find an honest job. They usually hang up on me.

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  4. Joss

    I have to say – you consistantlly post beautiful photographs.
    Good luck with the telemarketers – I’m having the same problem myself…

  5. clarepooley33

    Those calls are driving us crazy too! The week before last we were getting three calls a day from the people offering a cheap boiler if we were on benefits! The ‘Microsoft computer centre’ people, the man offering to clean our oven and the people wanting to re-cycle our windows also give us a call regularly.


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