The Woods of Rufford Abbey

It was sunny today for the first time in three days so it was off to Rufford Abbey with the camera and a happy heart. We weren’t the only ones, as there was a full car park and what seemed to be a coach trip too.

I’ll put the bird photos up later, along with the story of the trials of bird photography and several hundred words of excuses for not doing better.

For now, just have a look at the sun and woodlands.

The brick picture shows a brick from the Welbeck brickyard. Julia spotted it. She likes looking for old local bricks. Production of bricks at Welbeck Colliery started in 1926 and the stamp presumably changed to NCB Welbeck in 1947 with nationalisation.


Old brick in the woods – from Welbech Colliery brickyard

11 thoughts on “The Woods of Rufford Abbey

  1. clarepooley33

    A little bit of sunshine makes such a difference doesn’t it? Nice fungi photos – I thought at first the second one was a jelly disc but they aren’t as big as your specimen. Interesting brick link.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I believe this is the one growing out of the birch tree –

      And this is the small rubbery one –

      They are both said to be edible by the fact they aren’t poisonous, but as the blog says, the bracket is bitter. The Jew’s ear has always seemed unappealing too – partly because of the name. I’ve never tried either.


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