Moving on

Events are moving on. The hospital rang this morning and I am now booked in for a pre-operative assessment. I gather that I am not too far from being back in hospital as previously they had me in within weeks of the assessment.

It didn’t go particularly well, as they didn’t have a bed for me on the first date. They took me in on the second attempt. Unfortunately it didn’t work, and they had to have me back. At that point there was a repeat of the bed scenario. Four attempts, two admissions and one fix.

I’m going to adopt a patient attitude and see what happens.

That’s an attitude using patience, not the attitude of a man in pyjamas Β and a hospital bed.

No pictures today as it’s been overcast.



28 thoughts on “Moving on

      1. Helen

        Well, that is true as well. However, whilst people may visit their GP with a sniffle because it’s free, hospital referrals are made by the GPs, so there is a filter. That said, I think now they have to refer to cover their backs. E.g. my daughter ended up with three X-rays just to be on the safe side when all she had was a pulled muscle (I already knew this and wouldn’t have even thought about going to the doctor’s to start with but school called me up and insisted this was necessary!!!). The upshot of this is now she is less likely to complain of a pain, which could naturally be a bad thing, depending on the circumstances.

      2. quercuscommunity

        Yes, we had this with schools visiting the farm – several actually told us that as long as we had the right paperwork in place it didn’t matter if a pupil had an allergic reaction. Bottom line is blame/insurance.

  1. tootlepedal

    I may have remarked before but I will say it again. We will continue to live in an unsatisfactory world until the rich feel that it might be part of being a normal human being to pay taxes. I hope that all goes well for you.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I have mixed feelings on this – it seems to me that we have a good service which is run badly. In 2003 I bled on the floor and was told the policy was to leave it because the cleaners would see to it “tomorrow”. They did: they applied a layer of wax over the top and made it a permanant feature. I could go on…

      However, it’s a comfort to know I can get free treatment.

  2. C thehappymeerkat

    Having spent a lot of times waiting for various hospital appointments I can understand any anger or frustration at the system. But there’s nothing for it but to be patient :). Hope you’re okay.


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