Saturday’s list

Mainly, I’m going to see my Dad today, but the morning will be taken up with yawning, displacement activity, moving books into piles mentally marked “Keep”, “Possibly” and “Not Yet” (you can see why the charity donation programme is grinding along slowly), and watching cookery programmes.

Cookery programmes fall under the categories of “Health”, “Nutrition” and “Education”. I have no conscience about watching them while Julia works. I do have a conscience about watching comedies and crime fiction, so I don’t watch them on Saturday and Sunday while she is at work. Quizzes are “Education”. Soaps, Australian soaps, most American comedy and programmes about the emergency services are, if I find myself watching at any time, are a sign that I need to go for a walk.

Since my trip to the doctor in December I have been given another blood pressure tablet, aspirin, and a pill to stop the aspirin eating my stomach away. The Taking of the TabletsΒ is now quite an undertaking. That is now something I need to schedule in my day.

When you are taking pills to nullify the side effects of other pills it is time to start thnking about some serious weight loss. We are still, little by little, getting through the sweets and biscuits we were given for Christmas. Another week should do it. Next year I think we may allow ourselves a week of relaxed diet and then donate the remaining calories to charity. It’s a bit Scrooge-like but I need to get a grip.

I’m off to see my father now. I will spend the journey down looking for Buzzards and Red Kites. The journey back will be occupied by me musing on mortality, and (mainly) by wondering how a man with Alzhemer’s has beaten me at dominoes. Again.

The bird pictures are ones from the day we were attacked by the swan.


Gadwall drake – Rufford Abbey lake


Gadwall duck on Rufford Abbey lake

11 thoughts on “Saturday’s list

  1. jfwknifton

    Watch out for aspirin. The doctor at our Health Centre took me off it because it makes your stomach bleed and nobody knows. I used to get bad nosebleeds and easy bruising when I took it.

  2. tootlepedal

    Serious weight loss might seem to be a good idea in view of the tablet situation but it is hard work. Good luck with it. (I am trying for some frivolous weight loss at the moment but not successfully.)

  3. clarepooley33

    You have lots of other things on your mind while playing dominoes; your Dad hasn’t – unless he’s having a bad day. I used to help at a day centre for people with memory loss, Alzheimer’s etc and I know these things! I take tablets to counteract the effects of other tablets too πŸ™


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