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A Peaceful Interlude

After the oatcakes we went to Dudsons, but they were shut.  It’s nice pottery, but you can’t buy it if the shop door is locked. Then we went to the Portmeirion shop, where Julia went shopping and I took a photo of the crack in the winscreen that had happened on the +way . Then I did some selfies. There was also a mural to photograph in the car park, though someone parked in front of it as I prepared to take the photo.

Here are the results.


The cracked windscreen

I attempted to introduce a range of facial expressions – weary, downtrodden and resigned. That’s the full range of expressions for a married man shopping with his wife. Can you tell the difference?

This is the mural. It’s very close to the pattern on some of the Portmeirion pottery, which is probably not a coincidence.

After that we moved on to the Etruria Industrial Museum. It was shut. I re-read the website when I got home. It doesn’t make it obvious that it’s closed most of the time, though the sign does.



Fortunately we were able to do something good before we left Stoke, but you will have to wait to see what we did because it’s getting late.


Idle Hands

During the week I discovered a new setting on the camera. It actually has a setting for taking selfies. I’ve been taking selfies for years without realising that. When I tried it I found it made no difference at all. However, it did help to pass the time.  Then I tried using some other settings. Most of them didn’t work.


My Quizzical Look

There aren’t many settings that work well


I’m sure I have a use for these…

More Pictures from Bempton Cliffs

There are other birds apart from Puffins at Bempton – here are a few, though they aren’t quite as photogenic as Puffins.

And a few more.

Finally a few shadow selfies, because the Devil finds work for idle hands.

Oh, alright then. And a Puffin.