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A Peaceful Interlude

After the oatcakes we went to Dudsons, but they were shut.  It’s nice pottery, but you can’t buy it if the shop door is locked. Then we went to the Portmeirion shop, where Julia went shopping and I took a photo of the crack in the winscreen that had happened on the +way . Then I did some selfies. There was also a mural to photograph in the car park, though someone parked in front of it as I prepared to take the photo.

Here are the results.


The cracked windscreen

I attempted to introduce a range of facial expressions – weary, downtrodden and resigned. That’s the full range of expressions for a married man shopping with his wife. Can you tell the difference?

This is the mural. It’s very close to the pattern on some of the Portmeirion pottery, which is probably not a coincidence.

After that we moved on to the Etruria Industrial Museum. It was shut. I re-read the website when I got home. It doesn’t make it obvious that it’s closed most of the time, though the sign does.



Fortunately we were able to do something good before we left Stoke, but you will have to wait to see what we did because it’s getting late.


Southwold Pier (Part 3)

There’s not much more to tell, but I do have more photographs to use, so you’re getting part three whether you like it or not.

The miniature bandstand in the header picture is part of the pier furniture. There’s quite a lot of it about – chairs, tables, booths and the previously mentioned waste bins. It all adds up to quite a stylish place with some serious attention to eating. I didn’t make notes of all the eating establishments – I really must get more professional about these things.


The end of the pier is formed by a group of concrete-filled posts that have been used as unconvincing wishing wells. It’s amazing what people will do if they have some change and a target. If I was in charge I’d rig up some buckets and collect my winnings regularly.


And at that point it’s time for a look back…


It’s a fine view but, as you can see from the walking stick picture, not a view achieved without a certain amount of personal danger. You need to be careful with the stick, though the spacing on Southwold isn’t too bad. It still feels a tad perilous, despite knowing it can’t actually go through. That’s a new ferrule by the way – I wore the last one out and bought some new grey ones from Amazon. I may buy a new, wider, stick to make sure our future pier trips pass safely.

Finally, on the return trip, you get a good view of the George Orwell mural.


George Orwell with quotes – he spent quite a lot of time in Southwold, as this article shows

The Artist - Charlie Uzzel-Edwards

The Artist – Charlie Uzzel-Edwards – aka known as Pure Evil

There are about 60 piers in Britain, so there only 59 more to go. The problem is that I’m worried we’ve done the best one first and the rest are going to be a let down.

Next post – we visit Pier 2, which leaves just 58 to go.