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One More Quiet Day and a New Leaf

It has been a restful day today – painkillers overnight, a decent sleep and a morning spent with a hot water bottle. This became an afternoon also spent with a hot water bottle. And cake. It’s been quite good.  Perhaps I have needed to sit down with a hot water bottle and waste time. It’s far more relaxing than sitting at the computer wasting time.

I’m also beginning to think that the problem with my arm and shoulder is RSI rather than arthritis, which is mainly confined to my fingers.

The moral of this is clear – spend less time at the computer. I do my best writing with pen and paper anyway, I have been trying to do more writing at the computer in recent months, but it hasn’t worked out. I thought it would be more efficient if I sat at the computer and made myself write, which would cut out the boring process of typing stuff out. It hasn’t gone to plan – the only thing that has improved is my command of Othello/Reversi and Nine Men’s Morris. A computer in idle hands, is a dreadful thing.

So, drug abuse, my health, fashionable injuries, procrastination. I seem to have covered a range of subjects, but it all sems very self-centred. How is everyone out there? I will try to get round and do some visiting now, as I’ve not been very good about reading recently.

Having said that I have finally started on one of my pile of books to read. It feels good to be reading again, after spending so much time concentrating on writing. Or, to be more accurate, after spending so much time concentrating on procrastination. Time, I think, to turn over a new leaf.


The First Post

I’m not doing anything so I thought I might as well start blogging for 2019.

We saw the New Year in with fireworks from London and music from Madness. It was average. After seeing in 60 New Years it’s hard to raise much enthusiasm.

I’m currently using a hot water bottle to sooth my arthritic hand and am regularly swilling out my mouth with a saline mouth wash.

Julia has been quiet tonight. She says she’s worried that we are falling apart.

There’s no point in worrying, as I told her: we’re going to fall apart whether we worry about it or not. We might as well disintegrate cheerfully.

She doesn’t seem convinced. Normally I would cheer her up with chocolates, cake and my natural charm. However, we’re trying to lose weight and the charm is wearing thin after 30 years – I’m obviously going to have to work on that. Tootlepedal suggested a couple of tons of manure for the garden, it seems Mrs T was very pleased with this as a present. I’ll be honest – I’m not sure Julia wants manure

So, apart from that, what does 2019 have to offer?

There are approximately two weeks left of the posting challenge and the haiku challenge. After that I’m going to have to find some things to do.  I have a page-a-day diary ready and waiting and I’m going to use it every day, starting today. I’m not actually sure what I’m going to use it for, but I have 22 hours to work that out. I may go back to clerihews. The world needs 365 clerihews…

Trouble and Strife

We were having a laugh about Julia’s bad back and the “in sickness and in health” part of the wedding vows a couple of days ago (bearing in mind that she spent six months running round after me last year).

You should never tempt fate.

On Thursday, after overdoing things in the garden she went to her second job in the Leisure Centre, but had to ring for a lift home as she was unable to sit at her desk due to the back pain.

We spent the evening applying hot water bottles and anti-inflammatories, but it was just as bad this morning.

The doctor fitted her in this morning and I took time off from the new job to take her down and bring her back (I am not a model employee). She is currently furnished with painkillers and muscle relaxants, and I am in charge of providing a constant supply of hot water bottles.

I’m back from work now and she is catching up on her sleep.

I’ll be back later, but for now I’m off to boil a kettle…