Day 125

It might have been having a good moan about it, or it may have been the application of hot water bottles over the last couple of weeks, but my fingers were a lot better this morning. Whatever the reason, it is a welcome development.

As a result, everything seems better. Even the birds are singing more tunefully, and I deadheaded 24 poppy stalks this afternoon, bringing the running total to 36, with a few more to go, as I didn’t do the second clump.

This is a very different pattern top last year, when we were getting about a dozen a day and they were lasting until mid afternoon. As far as I can tell they are lasting two, sometimes three, days, at the moment. The effect is the same, with lots of poppies out, but they aren’t producing the number of blooms daily that they were last year.

Whether it’s the time of year, the weather or the age of the plants I don’t know. I must observe and see what happens later in the year.

I’ve just finished watching the final of Masterchef and, though lost in admiration for the winner, am left wondering why they bother. Who needs a plate  spotted with oil and smeared with foam? Who, seriously, wants a dish with a name that includes so many words that you need to breathe in the middle of it?

“Stuffed chicken wing, chestnut cream, chervil root and Périgord truffle.”

I’ve written shorter poems than that, and I’m sure it’s not the longest recipe title I could find if I set my mind to it.  It should be possible to find one that includes the words “with pickled vegetables, citrus foam and a Parmesan tuille”. Some of them go on for an awful long time.

Foam, by the way, is not food.






7 thoughts on “Day 125

  1. Lavinia Ross

    The poppies are beautiful, especially that purple one. I am glad t o hear your fingers are better.

    We had a flock of goldfinches come through here this morning, the males dressed in vibrant yellow and black trim.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Your goldfinches are different from ours – but still a very striking bird. Another area where our languages differ. Yours really is gold, ours is mainly fawn. 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      We don’t do well with tulips and daffs in the front garden, but we do have dwarf hyacinths growing between paving slabs. That’s pretty much the key to our font garden – does it self-seed and will it fit in the gap between slabs?


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