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Day 212

I finally got through to the people who service my car this afternoon. It’s taken two weeks to get through and I have been getting concerned by the lack of return calls. The worst has, I’m afraid, happened.

They had to move a few years ago because a property developer wanted their unit to build flats on. He evicted a couple of other businesses too, including a restaurant which had recently been refurbished. Years later, the new flats have not been built, a new restaurant has opened, and several lives have been ruined.

They reopened in a new unit which wasn’t very convenient for me, but I stuck with them as they needed the business and they’d always done a good job.

I now have to report that, sadly, they have had to close down. A lot of customers didn’t move with them, there is not a lot of business about, and, with COVID, nobody needed car servicing because nobody went anywhere. I have certainly cut back a lot on driving and have had less need for car servicing and repairs.

Sunset, Notts

It’s not just losing a garage, it’s losing two friends I’ve had for the last twenty years.

A pox on property developers, I say. I needed a garage within walking distance. I don’t need a bunch of millennials in flats, particularly as they are likely to cause parking problems.

and with that thought, and with 290 words needed to reach my target, I will add a longish final sentence and a picture of a sunset. Or several.

Sunset at Sherwood



Today effectively started last week when we arranged to visit the farm and pick up the rest of our rammel. It’s been hanging over us for days after what happened on the last visit

Fortunately it turned out to be quite a lot better than we were expecting.

The big bird feeder has been moved. That wasn’t really ¬†a surprise as that sort of thing has never been of much interest to the farmer- apart from the occasion when he had to put up nest boxes the week before an inspection for a grant payment. Money is a great motivator.

Apart from that things were going pretty much as expected.

Some things have been moved by the horticultural project, and the people renting the centre were tidying today. I braced myself for exposure to these high-flying ¬†corporate predators and…

… found that they were very pleasant people.

This is a useful lesson.

Looks like the future of the Ecocentre is going to be in safe hands after all. Strange how things work out. It now feels like we’ve passed the baton rather than been thrown out.

Now, if only someone rings to tell me the farmer has an embarrassing rash, my day will be complete.