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Day 212

I finally got through to the people who service my car this afternoon. It’s taken two weeks to get through and I have been getting concerned by the lack of return calls. The worst has, I’m afraid, happened.

They had to move a few years ago because a property developer wanted their unit to build flats on. He evicted a couple of other businesses too, including a restaurant which had recently been refurbished. Years later, the new flats have not been built, a new restaurant has opened, and several lives have been ruined.

They reopened in a new unit which wasn’t very convenient for me, but I stuck with them as they needed the business and they’d always done a good job.

I now have to report that, sadly, they have had to close down. A lot of customers didn’t move with them, there is not a lot of business about, and, with COVID, nobody needed car servicing because nobody went anywhere. I have certainly cut back a lot on driving and have had less need for car servicing and repairs.

Sunset, Notts

It’s not just losing a garage, it’s losing two friends I’ve had for the last twenty years.

A pox on property developers, I say. I needed a garage within walking distance. I don’t need a bunch of millennials in flats, particularly as they are likely to cause parking problems.

and with that thought, and with 290 words needed to reach my target, I will add a longish final sentence and a picture of a sunset. Or several.

Sunset at Sherwood