Today effectively started last week when we arranged to visit the farm and pick up the rest of our rammel. It’s been hanging over us for days after what happened on the last visit

Fortunately it turned out to be quite a lot better than we were expecting.

The big bird feeder has been moved. That wasn’t really  a surprise as that sort of thing has never been of much interest to the farmer- apart from the occasion when he had to put up nest boxes the week before an inspection for a grant payment. Money is a great motivator.

Apart from that things were going pretty much as expected.

Some things have been moved by the horticultural project, and the people renting the centre were tidying today. I braced myself for exposure to these high-flying  corporate predators and…

… found that they were very pleasant people.

This is a useful lesson.

Looks like the future of the Ecocentre is going to be in safe hands after all. Strange how things work out. It now feels like we’ve passed the baton rather than been thrown out.

Now, if only someone rings to tell me the farmer has an embarrassing rash, my day will be complete.



26 thoughts on “Closure

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, but Julia has been exerting a calming influence on me. She also stopped me writing a rude word in weedkiller or fertiliser (which is harder to get rid of) on his lawn.

      1. jeffpermie

        Surely you can’t get in trouble for trying to leave on a good note by simply, ……. dropping a bit of carefully placed lawn feed on is lawn ?

  1. derrickjknight

    Well done for facing that. Glad it wasn’t too bad. When, in 1986, seeing the writing on the wall, I left Social Services to go freelance, a thug was appointed in my place. I did my best not to think about it.

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