Back to a Version of Normality

After packing parcels yesterday we decided to have lunch out then have soup in the evening. We have had a few meals at fast food outlets (using the drive through option) but decided to try Harvester and have a proper sit down.

Apart from the meals organised as family events (of which we have had two or three during Covid, we haven’t had a proper sit down meal for a few years. It was quite relaxing being able to turn up without booking, serve your own salad and not have to wear a mask. I’m pro-mask and wore one today in a shop, but it always seemed strange that I could eat with no mask for an hour but had to wear a mask when I came in and walked to the toilet.

The salad bar was back to pre-Covid quality (it had been a bit ropey during Covid. As a bonus, they sent Julia a message with a voucher (she is signed up to their app). The voucher allowed us to have our main courses for half price, which was handy. Half price food is an aspect of modern life I can support.

So, back to the old way of eating out – it felt much more relaxing. I’m also feeling more relaxed about eating in a room with other people. This , which isn’t bad considering that even a few months ago I wasn’t sure I’d ever get used to eating in a social setting again.Looks like it is unwise to say “never”.

Today, when visiting the Pharmacy, I wore a mask – just so you know I am generally still behaving responsibly.



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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, that sums it up for me. Masks, not going out so much and thinking about what I do. I’m far from a fanatic about health, but have to face facts – I’m old, fat and I take two sorts of medication to supress my immune system, so I need to take a balanced approach to life.


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