A New Low in Senior Moments

I forgot to tell you, I had a new, and stunningly bad, senior moment on Wednesday night. As we left the shop after finishing our packaging marathon, the alarm wouldn’t set. I tried it the long way, with the full code (which I normally do) then the short way with the zone button and “Yes” (and then the Zone Button with “No” just in case – I never can remember, which is why I use the long way). It just wouldn’t set.

Then it occurred to me that I was using the wrong code. I don’t actually remember the numbers, just the position of the buttons and, at that point, realised I had even forgotten that.

How do you get into a shop in the morning by using the code and forget it six hours later? Easily, it would seem.

You are reading the blog of a man who stood at an ATM and forgot his PIN, so I do have form for random amnesia. The bank, at the time, told me not to worry, as dozens of people forget their PIN number every day. It’s not really a great comfort. Other people forgetting things is comedy gold, but when I do it, I find it quite worrying.

Yes, I did finally get it set, in case you are wondering.Β  I’m forgetful, not stupid. I rang my workmate and asked him what the code was. It’s not actually the first time I’ve forgotten it as I once came back from holiday and realised, as the alarm went off, that I’d forgotten the code, so they are used to working with a bumbling fool.



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  1. seniorsaversorg

    I can definitely relate to this! It’s reassuring to know that forgetfulness happens to everyone, even if it is a little worrying when it happens to us personally.


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